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    Sunday, July 30th, 2017 10:07 AM


    CoolAnd another beautiful day out there. Rested and all, but could've used maybe another hour or so.
       Yesterday was a basically lazy day, but I did dig in as far as guitar practice. Even recorded a few things but only ended up keeping one of them. I am pleased to hear that my time is a lot better. But then I've worked at it.
      And worked at it, and worked at it some more. Some things take more effort than others. Harmony came more naturally. It helped that much of my early playing was on bass, where you're rooted(no pun intended)in the harmonic structure of whatever you're playing.
      Funny that I'm still ambitious as far as wanting to be a better guitarist, but no longer seem to have much drive as far as self-promotion. Well maybe it was all those years I spent busting my ass to get my music out there. Nothing ever went viral, but a few people listened- and were even kind enough to let me know they were listening.
      You just get tired of busting your ass for something that doesn't come. When I practice, I generally get results. Tangible results, like better time, better execution, better organization of ideas. When I work out, I also get results(though not spectacular ones): bigger shoulders, more chest, less belly.
      So I'm much more inclined to pursue things I know will work.
      (cat on lap. more later) I generally cut her a lot of slack as far as lap time.We probably need to work something out so that I can type while she's getting her time in with her human.
      I don't know what else I had to say in here anyway. Just that, like I said, I try not to fish from an empty well. I certainly have in the past, but one nice thing about getting older is that you learn what to avoid. What shit not to step in.
      So, more practicing and a workout session for today. As ever, thanks for reading, whoever-you-are. Happy Sunday to you! More later.
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