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    Saturday, September 29th, 2018 10:33 AM


    Cool Good morning. Some new music to share with you on my YouTube page. I posted something last night, an old standard called Without a Song. I remember sitting in a couple years ago with a 'Gypsy' jazz group. Can't recall their name at this early morning juncture, but Without a Song was one of the tunes. 
        As a guitarist, I've been humbled three times(so far)in this life. The first time was at 17, jamming with a more advanced player named Mark Riley. He was doing Hendrix stuff, something I didn't have a clue how to approach(and probably still don't, even though I love Hendrix). I was summarily outclassed, in my 17-year-old's opinion.
       Second time was at age 37 or so, hearing Joshua Breakstone at Norb Andy's. I got real drunk and made jokes about selling all my stuff, but in reality was inspired as much as I was humbled. It got me back practicing, and concentrating on being a guitarist rather than a guitarist-doubling-bass-really-more-than-he'd-have-liked-to. Bad for the folks who used to call me for bass gigs, but good for me. I think at least most of them have forgiven me this "transgression".
      And the third time was a couple years ago at the Hoogland. A guitarist from Chicago, half my age, sent me back to the practice room. Casey Neilsen. He wasn't doing anything impossible on the guitar, but was a lot smoother than I was. After the set, I told him he'd sent me back to the woodshed. It got a smile. I think he got a kick out of hearing that. I certainly would've. 
      Without a Song is one I don't play much, just found it on YouTube among the many many playalongs. Felt like I fudged the form at one point, or at least played stuff that was kind of ambiguous harmonically(perhaps I should have titled it Without a Clue!), but the time was good. That's what Casey Neilsen had that I didn't: smooth, flowing time. 
      Having good time is really just a question of listening. And keeping the time in your head. Much like the practice of meditation, where you keep a mantra in your head. Easy to do, but maintaining it is where the challenge lies. 
      So I hope to have another good guitar day today. And as always, share the stuff that works. As ever, thanks for reading. Happy Saturday to you. I'm outa here. More later. 
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