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    Wednesday, June 27th, 2018 9:15 AM


    Cool Good morning. Still getting rid of the cobwebs this am. In bed at 12:47, up around 8. A bit of tossing and turning but some sleep. Not as rested as some mornings, but still fully functional.
         Yesterday was kind of a rough day, having had part of a tooth extracted. It's a fairly quick procedure, but an intense one. So the rest of the day you feel like you've been worked over. Numbness and then pain. Fortunately the pain was very mild- on a scale of 1 to 10 a 1.5 or so. And then back to zippity doodah. I picked up the prescription but didn't have to use it. 
       One new post on YouTube. Take the A Train. I always think of the Robin Williams routine, playing a Lawrence Welk type of bandleader: each one of you boys in the band 
    is a badass and a motherfucker in his own right. And now, Take A Train. 
      Got in some good listening this week. The Gerry Mullian/Paul Desmond quartet(also recommended listening is Two of a Mind: Mulligan, Desmond and the same rhythm guys: Joe Benjamin on bass; Dave Bailey on drums. Bailey is also on the Gerry Mulligan album What is there to Say? along with Art Farmer and Bill Crow. 
      Also Sonny Rollins, with Clifford Brown(!), Max Roach, George Morrow and Richie Powell.Powell I think died in that car crash with Clifford Brown. Sonny has always been a favorite. Very impressed with Clifford's trumpet playing. Jesus brilliant.
      And Soultrane. Coltrane; Red Garland on piano; Paul Chambers on bass; Art Taylor on drums. Great performances by all. This sounds like one of the periods when Trane was practicing all day- and then, at the gig, on the breaks. Just so much stuff to get out. 
      Last but not least, the Doug Stone/NIck Pryer quartet. Pryer is a very able guitarist, and Doug is his usual brilliant self on Tenor and Soprano. Unusual tunes. Definitely some weirdness in there. A very nice listen, and recommended recording. 
      Anyway, that's been this week's listening. For the last couple hours of every day, I turn off the TV and computer. I give my eyes a break, but the ears get a workout with whatever the album du jour may be. 
      Thanks for reading, whoever-reads-this. I guess the theme for today's post is listening. Required if you're a musician, still highly recommended if you're not. Hope this was some useful information, or at least fun to read. Happy Wednesday to you(or, if you will, hump day). Ich bin outa here. More later. 
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