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    Tuesday, March 20th, 2018 8:57 AM
    Cool And it's another bright sunny day out there! 32 degrees, but still bright and sunny. I'll take bright and sunny at 32 degrees over cloudy and overcast at 42(or even 52)degrees any day. 
       In bed at 11:37, up around 7:45. The usual array of dreams I sense but don't really remember. But I was there!
       I've been practicing a bit more, but haven't had anything YouTube worthy. Sometimes you can practice up a storm and still sound like you can't find 'one' with both hands and feet. Eventually things will smooth back out. They always have, at any rate. 
      One music job this Saturday, for two hours(as usual, see the Gigs page for more). This is a week for appointments: one yesterday, one tomorrow, and one on Friday. I actually like having these appointments, as it gives me that modicum of structure I need in my week. This way, the 'down time' I have is much more appreciated, and doesn't become deadly quiet. 
      I guess I need the dichotomy of work and play, retired or not. But what's nice about it is that I can fashion it any way I like. For a good while, I was playing gigs most every weekend, which became my two-day workweek. And I've had other constructs, depending of course on my "work"load. 
      Whatever blows your skirt up..
      Not much in the way of news right now. The only news is that I'm having a much better time of things this month than I did last month- or at least the latter half of last month. March good. 
       Okay. The bold font seems to be stuck. That's all I had to say anyway. Thanks for reading, whoever-reads-this. More later. 
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