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    Wednesday, December 6th, 2017 10:01 AM

    Wednesday Addams

    CoolI had a good start to this post and then clicked the wrong button and lost the session. So here's my second attempt. Sometimes it's the computer acting up and sometimes the blame falls squarely on moi.
      Anyway! Another beautiful sunny day out there, albeit colder. This is pre-Winter, I guess. Personally I like that it takes you down 20 degrees or so, getting you ready for the temperature to plummet again. So you're sort of prepared when Winter does arrive in all its austere glory.
      Austere glory? Why not, it seems to work.
       Two jobs coming up, one on Friday and one on Sunday. Both 2-hour affairs, and both nice early hours. And then one on the 23rd, for just an hour. Just a tad busier in these holiday weeks.
      I might have something to post on my YouTube page. It's a technical exercise, major scales and their relative minors in all 12 keys. I think I got it from a Clarinet book. Occasionally I practice Clarinet etudes, as the Clarinet has the same written range, roughly speaking, as the guitar. Anyway, I might put that up today.
      These gigs coming up are with my harmonica-playing neighbor. He works a full-time job and still hustles a few gigs on the side. Very little time to oneself in the life of a musician-with-a-dayjob...  I'd almost forgotten how difficult that can be, putting in your 40 hours and then a 2-hour gig immediately following. I would usually get a second wind for the Friday thing, and then collapse afterwards.
      A nice day out there. Plenty of sleep, and even part of a dream I remember. I was somewhere waiting to use the shower. There was a family, a black family for what that's possibly worth(as far as 'meaning'), who was staying in a room right next to the shower. They were very nice, but had a lot of people to accomodate. I finally got in there, and then woke up.
      Pretty mundane stuff, at least on the surface. I usually take baths though...
      I usually just remember being in different locales, and a vague sense of something going on. Those were there as well, but for once there was a scene I remembered pretty much in its entirety.
      Well I guess this is my news for today. As ever, thanks for reading, whoever-you-are. More later.

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