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    Tuesday, May 2nd, 2017 9:57 AM

    Tuesday Tuesday

    CoolAnd it's finally a nice sunny day out there. My cat is draped over my left arm, so I'm doing this all one-handed. She generally holds forth on my lap until something distracts her. So far,nothing, More later.
        Okay, got both hands free again(Air Raid siren). A beautiful sunny day out there. Gigs Friday and Saturday(see the Gigs page if interested). I moved a few things/people around so as to have a couple days off in the week. So, except for getting some exercise in there, I've got three free days.
       Much guitar work these past couple days. I can feel some things coming together in my playing: timing, phrasing, articulation(s). Gotta keep at it. Keep on keepin' on..
      A few new things on YouTube since yesterday. And a few I'm considering posting. Getting some nice feedback from other YouTube folks, usually musicians who have their stuff up there. I usually send a 'thank you' note, and always subscribe to their page--which is usually in as dire need as mine for more subscribers.
      But I'm up to a whopping 24 now. Had 12 for the longest time and then I started posting more. It's really just to chart my practicing, but I suppose you could pick up a few more listeners.
      The best way I've found to play in good time is to submit to it. Let go of trying to control it, and just let yourself respond to what's going on in the music, what's being provided. So this is a conscious goal now in my practicing. And I'm getting better at leaving space, at integrating what I do into what's happening in the music.
      When I try to 'take charge', I end up playing too much on top of the beat. So for me, the 'passive' approach works a lot better. To achieve swing, you really need to be just a little bit behind the beat.
      So- lots of work these days. Still frustrating sometimes, but the highs are higher. Like I tell my students, it becomes more fun as you get your skills together- that way you can bring more out of the instrument, the more command you have in your hands.
      Such are my thoughts on this Tuesday morning, first cup o' Joe and fixin' to get myself that second one. Got to sleep late last night, and awoke about an hour shy of that good night's sleep. Makin' it, but a little more caffeine would help. Thanks for reading, whoever-reads-this. More later.
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