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    Sunday, December 10th, 2017 9:54 AM

    Sunday's forecast

    CoolA bright and sunny, but cold, day out there. A 3-hour job today- which, like most jobs, are fine once you're there and tuned up and playing. And this one features food, so we'll be eating well today.
        I don't feel like going out in the cold to play a job today, but then I've got the rest of the week off. And next week, until Saturday. So that will help me get through today. Like I said, once you're there and rolling, it's usually a lot of fun.
      YouTube will have something new and unusual, when I get around to uploading. I had a fairly productive practice session in which a bizarre little solo piece emerged. Yesterday was a day of sterling virtue, meaning that I exercised and practiced.
      On the positive side, I had a good night's sleep. Out at 1:20, pretty much right to sleep, then up at around 8:30. Actually this is the norm anymore. I seem to have maybe a day or two every month where I have trouble, but otherwise sleep like a log. A far cry from the beginning of this year, when I was having a lot more of them. Life is a lot better.


      The gig was fun(like I said, they usually are, once you're there and rolling), and we had a few folks show up. It was one in a series of fund-raisers for a new Youth Center they want to build on the East Side.
      I just didn't feel like getting up off my ass this morning. But sometimes you gotta. And it's usually worth it.
      Nothing more until the 23rd. Lotsa time. We'll see what kind of intelligent use I make of it.
      As ever, thanks for reading, whoever-you-are. More later.

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