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    Friday, March 16th, 2018 8:37 AM


    Cool And it's another beautiful day out there, at least so far. Having that first cup of coffee of the day. In five and a half hours, I'll be enjoying a bowl-of-chili-and-hot-dog lunch, a monthly luncheon. We sit and talk awhile, so it's usually around 3 when we're ready to exheunt. 
        Exheunt, stage right.
        And it was a great night's sleep. Out at midnight, up just before 7. No bathroom break(at least none that I remember), just solid sleep. And, as always, dreams I can't remember but know I had. I can feel them in there, just below the surface of awareness. Places were visited, decisions were made. 
      Not a perfect month for sleep, but a hell of a lot better than last month. Out of 16 days, 11 of them good. The bad days were easier to shake off, since they weren't consecutive. Good sleep always preceded and followed. 
      Okay! Music news. Well I have none. Some relatively new stuff up on YouTube, probably some more over the weekend. A gig next Saturday for 2 hrs, and another one the following Saturday for just an hour. 
      And I have a Robbie's gig in May, this time a quartet. Really looking forward to it, and have stepped up my practicing so I'll be ready. 
      Just about time for that second cup of Morning Joe. Usually three in all, or one pot of coffee. I remember drinking coffee all day in my working days, then getting home and pounding a couple beers to come down from the caffeine--and the stress of work.    Things are so much easier now. There are still stresses, but they're usually self-manufactured. If I can just learn to un-stress myself(and I'm working on it), I'll be fine..
      As usual, thanks for reading, whoever-reads-this. More later.
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