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    Monday, August 7th, 2017 10:18 AM

    Another Peaceful Monday

    CoolThis is when you really appreciate being retired. A Monday morning when the rest of the world is on the beginning of a 5-day cycle called the Workweek.
    In the unemployment office, where I worked for 22 years, Monday was almost always the shittiest day of the week. 99.9 percent of the time. Getting through a Monday was like getting through a Minnesota Winter- but then the rest of the week was downhill from there..
    There is one newbie up on my YouTube page. I've been practicing most every day though, and will eventually have more.
    A few errands today, and an exercise session. That's my Monday. Last week was 'perfect' for exercise, having gotten in 2 cardio and 2 resistance sessions. Some weeks are better than others, but that's what I strive for. Oh, and also a practice session today.
    With the demise(and restructuring)of the R & B group I used to play in, plus other cancellations, it's been pretty light. I miss playing with that particular band, but don't miss gigging. Well, maybe a little bit. But other stuff seems to fill that void. 
    I think as I step up my practicing, I'll get another wild hair towards playing out. But for now, a bigger priority is exercise. Especially the weights. Not making any phenomenal gains at 62, but am filling out in a couple places. So it's a kick seeing that happen. Watering a plant and watching it grow- even if just a little bit..
    So there you go. Now on my second cup o' Joe, I'm just about ready to seize the day. Gotta ease into this Carpe Diem stuff. Thanks for reading, whoever-reads-this. And happy Monday to you, if that's not too much of a contradiction in terms. More later.


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