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    Tuesday, December 12th, 2017 9:43 AM

    Happy Coldass Tuesday

    CoolA beautiful sunny day out there. One of my morning duties is opening the blinds throughout the house, and it was like the sun was dying to get through at every possible opening.
      I woke up this morning thinking of Both Sides Now. Love that melody! Thinking more of the Pat Martino solo guitar version than the original song by Judy Collins. Well, okay, thinking of her too, but I don't remember lyrics all that well.
      As morning ear-worms go, not a bad one. I often have a tune in my head upon awakening. Just like the morning chubby....
       Music news. I did a Christmas song on YouTube. Not just any Christmas song, mind you, but The Christmas Song. The one by Mel Torme that many musicians are scrambling to remember.
        Also did a bizarre solo piece I called Polyvetsian Dance, which I haven't uploaded. Figuring people will probably hate it, and I'll get a thumbs-down from somebody plus a nasty comment. 
       I've taken much worse than that from life in my 63 years, so I certainly wouldn't be destroyed by it. Not even knocked off my feet- but like punches you shake off, you're still stinging a bit. So it would be unfortunate, but certainly not devastating.
      Years and years ago there was a TV commercial advertising various classical works on one recording, and Borodin's Polyvetsian Dances were among them. It was narrated by the guy who took Mr French's place on Family Affair. A friend and I used to crack up at his pronunciation of Borodin. I could probably run into this friend now, 20 years later and do Borodin and probably get a laugh.
      Hmm, I can't think of another reference to Borodin other than those Polyvetsian dances and that TV commercial. He was part of that Russian composers' group, along with Cesar Cui(who?)and a few better-known musicians. Like Prokofiev. I seem to remember that Borodin had a dayjob as a druggist. Gotta check my facts...
      The French had Les Six- which included Debussy and Ravel, Milhaud, Poulenc, Satie and I'm still missing one.
      So much for forgotten or half-remembered Music History
       A beautiful but cold day out there. Debating whether to get in the vehicle and drive across town to do Cardio or just stay home and do weights. Exercise at whatever cost..Some kind of perambulation is in order for the day, along with the usual guitar practice.
      As always, anything salvageable I'll be happy to share. And as ever, thanks for reading, whoever-reads-this-besides-me. Happy coldass Tuesday. More later.
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