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    Wednesday, December 13th, 2017 10:13 AM

    Wednesday Addams

    CoolAnother sunny day out there, a whopping 38 degrees. The big drop in temperatures will be late December or January.This is when you thank your lucky stars you were able to retire. You do have to trudge out occasionally for food and fuel for the vehicle, but not on a daily basis.
       Yesterday was a virtuous day with some traces of sterling virtue. I worked out for an hour and change, and attempted to practice guitar.
          Taped a few things but my videos are acting up this morning. Freezing up. Frustrating as hell, but waddyagonna do? Just continue to reboot.. I'll get to them eventually, and of course post anything that works to YouTube.
       One other cool thing about retirement is that you have time to just sit and read. I'm interested in just about everything but Opera and Politics- and the latter I make a token effort to stay informed.

      Reading yesterday about the Mekong River, the longest in southeastern Asia. It starts in the Quinhang province of China, heads through the Yunnan province and then passes by Myanmar, Thailand, Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia, eventually emptying out into the China Sea. The part of the river in China is called Upper Mekong, and below that is called Lower Mekong. It's one of three major rivers in southeastern Asia, but I don't know the other two- as yet.
     And paralleling that is our own Mighty Mississippi. Like the Mekong, it runs the entire length of the country from bumfuck Minnesota all the way down to the Mississippi Delta, where it empties out into the Gulf of Mexico(?)There are a number of tributaries, among them the Ohio, Missouri, Arkansas and Tennessee rivers, but the Mississippi is the main artery. Like the Aorta..
     So those were the two new things I learned yesterday. Of course I knew about the Mississippi, but its extent and the various tributaries was news to me.
       Looks like a sun n' clouds affair today. Next up on my morning agenda is Lumosity. My monthly subscription to neuroscience. They have 5 games ready for me involving various cognitive functions: memory, flexibility, attention, speed, problem solving and math. Short-term memory is the weakest area so I try and give it more attention(when I remember to..), but I work on all of it.
      Okay then. Thanks for reading, whoever-you-are. Happy Hump Day to you! More later.

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