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    Sunday, March 18th, 2018 8:25 AM


    Cool And here we go with another day. Much like yesterday only with more fog. A sun n'clouds mix.. Out at 11:50, up a couple minutes after 7, with little if any tossing and turning. A fair amount of nocturnal(somnambulistic?) activity which I don't really remember but recall in my bones. 
       Did some playing at the end of the day. Otherwise, not much of a music day. Hopefully some more music today. 
        Just enjoying the feeling of being well-rested. Not something I got to enjoy much last month, at least the latter half of last month. February bad. March good.. Or at least better..
       We all have our personalized rain clouds. For some it's neuropathy. My friend I have lunch with every month has that, and was talking about how he'd had 7 days free of pain. 
       I don't have neuropathy, so I can't relate directly. But I do have occasional insomnia, so I can relate as far as rejoicing on the nights I don't- that is, when my rain cloud lifts. 
      Our personalized rain clouds are our commonality as human beings. We all seem to have 'em, and we're damn glad to see them leave us. 
      Just a little bit of sun now. But I know it's just playin' with me. We'll be back to the fog before long. 
      But a nice rested day, regardless of what the weather does outside. I exercised yesterday, so it's not a necessity today although it never hurts to get in a round of Cardio. If any music is made today that's worth uploading, I'll let you know. It'll most likely be on my YouTube page. 
       Time for cup #2 of Morning Joe. It's a brand new day and a brand new week. And I got my beauty sleep last night, even though the reflection in the mirror isn't any better.. Thanks for reading, whoever-reads-this. Happy Sunday to you! More later. 
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