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    Thursday, December 14th, 2017 11:30 AM


    CoolAnd it's another beautiful sunny day out there, this time a whopping 28 degrees. Feeling a bit decadent sleeping until almost 10- but then I went to bed at 1:40. Sooner or later you have to get your 8 hours in there.
      Earworm of the day: All of Me. Even remembering the lyrics, something I hardly ever do. Not being a singer, I don't really relate to them. If I notice the voice, I usually listen to the quality, or timbre, of the voice rather than what is being sung.
       Still on a bit of a geography kick. I got reading the other day about the Mekong River, and from there about the Mississippi. The Mekong is supposed to be one of three important rivers in southeastern Asia- don't know the other two yet.
      Like anything else, geography is probably best learned a little at a time. One of the recent contestants on Jeopardy said she'd kept a childhood practice of learning three new things every day. Sounds good to me.
      So I just may adopt that for myself. Three new things every day. Or maybe just one or two. But still, some new bit(or bits) of information on a daily basis.
      Some guitar practice yesterday. Couldn't get any magic going, but still worked on the usual stuff: scales, arpeggios, lines- all with the help of my stern friend Mr Metronome. Even if you don't feel like you accomplished much, it's still another practice session where you worked toward your goals.
      Progress often comes slowly, often imperceptibly. Others will probably notice before you do. I remember jam sessions at age 14 or so, with another guitarist and a drummer. The other guitarist and I would take turns playing bass. What cued me that I'd made progress was that the other guitarist was looking pissed off.
      He and I always had a more-or-less friendly rivalry going throughout High School and even for a few years after that. I am not a competitive person(though I've been told otherwise) but I do believe that a little healthy competition is a good thing. Just like in the arena of sports, good sportsmanship should always be observed.
      I believe in competition not to better the other person, but rather to push myself to be the best I can. Thus I'm really only competing with myself. If the other person outshines me, then so be it. At least I gave it my all. And I'm still good, even if he is better than me.
      Well I guess I'm in lecture mode this morning. Thanks for reading, whoever-reads-this. Happy Thursday(incipient Friday to those still in the workforce). More later.


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