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    Sunday, May 14th, 2017 11:51 AM

    Happy Mother's Day

    CoolHappy Mother's Day! Mine moved on in 2007. She'd been in a Nursing Home for a couple years, and was not a happy camper. So as to whether she's in a 'better place', I can't claim the omniscience to answer that definitively, but I can surmise that it's probably nicer than the one she was in.But that was the best I could do for her at the time.
       It's a beautiful sunny day out there. Again, about eight and a half hours of sleep. Today is an exercise day, as in weights. Not too grueling, but it is a good hour's work- actually an hour and change. Legs, shoulders, chest and arms all get a good going-over, and last but not least, abdominals- with two sets of leg lifts at the end.
      More practicing. I've got a pattern, up and down the neck in mostly perfect 4ths, that I came up with and am trying to perfect. Also keeping the cycle-of-5ths scale exercise in there, which I usually do at the end.
      Running out of Manouche stuff(that means French gypsy)to play along with. Also fooling around with totally unaccompanied playing, playing lines and(obviously)trying to keep them nice and even and keep the time steady.
      Even after having played the guitar for over 50 years, I'm still trying to get better! Still working on articulation and time and all those things that go into playing the instrument.
      All this work(if you can call it that)sounds like it's paying off, particularly in regard to time. This is why I tape myself, to hear how that's going, and I can say that good time is starting to creep into my playing. Just gotta keep at it.
      Time is the first thing I get back when I practice, and the first thing I lose if I haven't practiced. It's always been my Achilles' Heel as a player, and I'm discovering that it ain't necessarily so. But you've gotta work at it..
      So, maybe some new YouTube stuff today. We'll see. I've glutted it pretty good over the last couple days, so there's already plenty in there for you. Happy Mother's Day! And thanks for reading, whoever-reads-this. More later.

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