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    Thursday, December 21st, 2017 9:34 AM

    Thursday's news

    CoolA cloudy day in Paradise, at least for this morning. Central Illinois weather can change on a dime, so who knows what the afternoon will bring.
       One new entry on YouTube. And a new blog on Mr Know-it-all.
      And some more gigs at Montvale Estates with the Dave K Trio. Not sure how often they want to work, but the Montvale gigs are no problem. They're always just an hour,and like I've said in here before, it's for a good cause. The oldsters.
      I don't want to play a lot of gigs these days, but I do want to do a few. As long as they're here and there, it's fine. And these guys are easy to work with, so the further Montvale things will be fun. Count me in.
      Another night of tossing and turning. Some sleep in there, so I don't feel like a total zero. Actually feeling okay.
      Last December was kinda choppy as I remember, following a mellow November just like this year's. So maybe this is just my pattern. Mellow will return..
      Well anyway, that's my news, both musical and personal. I don't get too damned personal in here, but I do mention things like sleep patterns because that's something I have to deal with occasionally. And this being a morning activity for the most part, as I write I'm dealing with how much or how little slumber preceded it.
      Thanks for reading, whoever-reads-this. Hope you'll check out the new entries on YouTube and Mr Know-it-all.
    Happy Thursday to you! More later.
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