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    Monday, December 25th, 2017 9:28 AM

    Merry Christmas!

    CoolMerry Christmas! It's a lively day all across the world. Gee, Santa Claus must've left all that stuff under the tree. The kids have gotten their parents out of bed at an ungodly early hour, and are now running around the house on a sugar-high from their breakfast cereal while the adults are collapsed someplace. Been there, both as the kid and as the adult..

      It's fucking cold outside! Yesterday was fucking cold as well. I traipsed out yesterday afternoon for some basic supplies, and it was not fun! Still, you do what you gotta do.
          Music news. Just shedding these days, sometimes with playalongs, more often with Mean Old Mr Metronome. I'm hoping that this nastyass Winter will get me back into writing- or at least 'tunesmithing' on the keyboard and 16-track recorder.
      No dates on the calendar at this time. With this cold weather, I don't want to add any- not for awhile anyway. We were lucky this past year with a mild Winter. I just looked at my calendar for this past year, and there was a lot of activity in January and February- strangely enough, more than in the following months, where you'd expect to be busier. 
      But every year is different. Sometimes I won't have anything until March. If it stays this cold, that's fine with me. I do have something in April, date tba but whatever it is, it's well outside Winter's 'jurisdiction'
      A mild Winter, 30's and maybe 40's, is doable as far as playing out. A full-fledged Winter with temps in the teens and single digits loses much or all of that doability.
    Of course I have trudged out in the dead of Winter in nastyass temperatures to play gigs(Rock Island in 1980,20 below/80 with the wind chill stands out)but I try and make that a thing of the past. Those shenanigans are best pulled in your youth- I was 26. So those dues have been paid as far as I'm concerned. Anymore, when it gets cold like this, I only go out for food and other basic supplies.
    So I'm looking forward to a nice hibernation for the Winter, at least until the January thaw if we get one. Which means more on YouTube, and more on Soundclick
    Nothing brand new to share, unfortunately. I did some practicing yesterday,and taped a few things but I'm not sure how listenable they are. We'll see.
      Anyway, Merry Christmas or however you celebrate or don't celebrate it! Or at least happy Monday(whether or not it's a holiday from work). Thanks for reading, whoever-reads-this. More later.
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