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    Wednesday, December 27th, 2017 10:15 AM

    another coldass day

    CoolIt's 5 degrees out right now. I could never live anywhere north of this location. Bloomington/Normal, about an hour north of us, has colder temps and even some power outages. Another wonderful Winter day is upon us.
      I got out of the house yesterday for a bit. Treated myself to a "cheat meal" from Steak n Shake: double steakburger, fries, baked beans and a chocolate Malt.. Normally my diet is those Lean Cuisine meals with a protein drink. Every so often you just have to debauch and treat yourself to something verboten.
      This is going to be one of those Winters where I go from home to car to destination, then back in the car to head home. At least as long as it stays like this.
      The only thing I have this month is a very short engagement on New Year's Eve in the afternoon. At Springfield High School, for kids. An hour tops.(In that respect, much like playing for the seniors).

      Being as that it's supposed to be cold as hell that day, I tried to get out of it. Then reflected later in the day that it was only an hour, and I might as well keep my promise.
      But as long as it's cold like this, I'm not taking any more jobs.
      Music news. There's one relatively new piece up on YouTube. It's called Country Funk. I did find another individual on there, a newbie I think, who puts up some pretty good playalongs. More to follow there.
      I think YouTube will be a pretty good musical friend for this cold snap. Maybe I'll even get over to the keyboard for some more shenanigans there. Soundclick is another place I've got a lot of music stored, much more than YouTube.
     Recommended 'vintage' listening: Rough and Ready, by the Jeff Beck Group. Beck is one of my favorite guitarists, even though I've never stolen anything from him on the guitar. He's very creative as far as wrenching different sounds out of the instrument, in the same way(albeit not the same degree)as Hendrix.
    Keyboardist Max Middleton shines on this album as well. Surprisingly, in a more extended setting, he didn't sound as good. Maybe he was just having a bad night.
    Anyway. Jeff Beck Group. Rough and Ready. Good stuff.
      Well that's my news on this Wednesday. Thanks for reading, whoever-reads-this. Stay warm. More later
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