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    Friday, December 29th, 2017 9:10 AM

    My kind of pain..

    CoolI don't have to go anywhere today or tomorrow. That's a nice feeling in shitty weather like we have. I have a decent Winter coat, and a stocking cap and gloves- and heat in my vehicle- so it's all doable. Just a big fucking drag.
        That first cup of coffee in the morning is like that first beer after a busy day at the office. You almost don't taste the first one going down. So pretty much any flavor short of Liver Chip or Pork Swirl would do it.
      Thanks to George Carlin for those unappetizing flavors. I think he was describing Ice Cream. His asides were often even better than his core material. "Ever wonder why there are no Chinese guys named Rusty?"
      That one remains my favorite. And I actually met someone, years ago, who also notes this as his favorite Carlin aside. Small world, eh?
      Shitty weather or not, this is still one of my favorite points in the day. Fresh from a good night's sleep(most of the time)and ready for whatever. As usual, I don't remember any of the dreams I had, just a sense of having had them- being somewhere, doing something.
      A pretty good practice session yesterday, nothing YouTube worthy but some headway made. I ended up getting a sliver in my left hand index finger though, which pretty much ended the session. . It doesn't hurt at all, but I can sorta tell something's there. My kind of pain.
      Only one 'gig' to speak of and it isn't even on the calendar. It's New Year's Eve in the afternoon for about an hour. Five minutes from the house.The only concern is getting a decent parking place so I don't have to walk too far. Other than that, just an hour out of my day. That's my coping mechanism, as it's something I really don't want to do on a day with 9 degrees as its high..

      Beyond that, nothing upcoming. Gigs and students just seem to happen best on their own. In the meantime, I'll just stay warm and continue to work on my guitar playing- a never-ending job!
      I guess that's all the news I've got for the moment. Thanks for reading as ever, whoever-reads-this. Stay warm. More later.


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