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    Tuesday, April 3rd, 2018 10:59 AM

    Tepid Tuesday

    Cool Another gloomy overcast day out there. In bed at 12:04, up at 1;10, then down for the count. Up at around 9. The wake-up time is always approximate, as there's a fair amount of dozing, falling in and out of sleep. Groggy but rested..
         Yesterday was a day of virtue. I got out my dumbbells and kettle bell and did my full routine: legs, shoulders, chest, arms and abdominals. Incorporating the weights back into my exercise program. A perfect week is two Cardio sessions and two with weights. I've been getting in at least 3 sessions every week. Still striving for 'perfection'..
         One thing I've been watching more of is College Basketball. Not big on sports- not a football or baseball fan- but there are a few exceptions. College basketball, Boxing, Girls' Gymnastics, Skateboarding.In particular, been watching the Villanova Wildcats, two different games, both of which they won hands-down. 
        I like my ignorance of the sport when watching. All I know is the action. Constantly fluid and moving. I like the interplay of the teams when making a basket, how it goes back and forth until they get that "perfect" shot, which may or may not make it. And I like the fantastic shots, from all the way across the court, that do make it. It's all exciting to me..
       Okay, some actual music news. Got a guitar I'm seriously considering buying. It's a solid-body, two pickups, no name brand on the instrument. What piqued my interest was the unique body shape, sort of lean and angular. In that sense, it picked me--much like new pets or a new girlfriend(even though I always say I'm gonna pick the next one).
       The neck is nice, not too thin or too thick, and it sounds good, so there are decent pickups in there. So everything is working out, except for a couple fret buzzes. Once those are fixed, I could see this as my next guitar. 
      This is when it's nice being single, as the expense of a new instrument is doable, but not the best timing. A spouse or girlfriend would argue that point with me. Not that they'd be wrong, but...
      Okay, so that's my news, musical and otherwise, for the day. As ever, thanks for reading, whoever-reads-this. More later. 
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