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    Saturday, December 30th, 2017 8:59 AM

    Sam's Saturday Sadhana

    CoolAnother cold cloudy day. Tomorrow is my dreaded one-hour gig at Springfield High School. The only real issue is getting a parking place close to the door. Like most gigs, it'll be somewhat fun once I'm there. And like all one-hour gigs, it'll be over before I know it.
      After tomorrow I have no more appointments of any kind until March when I have my teeth cleaned.
      It looks like we get a slight warmup at the end of this next week. Even above freezing. We usually get a reprieve in January, but it's normally later in the month.

      Black Mirror is back for a 4th season. Watched 4 of the 6 new episodes yesterday. Nice and edgy. A bit creepy even. I expected no less..
      Got in a little practicing yesterday, and even recorded something. Just uploaded it to YouTube. Big Moonflower is the title of the new selection.
      Strangely enough, the best way to get over the Winter blues is to get out in it. I don't mean tobogganing or anything that extreme. Just running errands is enough. It's still a drag, but somehow makes Winter just a little bit easier to take.
      At least it's helped me. I still plan to hibernate as much as possible, but it's the trips out of the house that make it work.
      So I'm fairly psyched for my Hour of Hell tomorrow. And referring to it that way also helps, because it's bound to be better than my expectations..
      I guess that's all the pissing and moaning I've got for today. Thanks for reading, whoever-reads-this. Stay warm. More later.
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