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    Friday, April 13th, 2018 9:51 AM

    Another Friday that actually feels like a Friday

    Cool It's Friday! Good news to everyone who's been slaving away at some miserable job all week. Or even working a job all week you actually like. Friday is still Friday. Well, except when it's Friday the 13th. 
         Not particularly superstitious myself, but I give a little bit of berth to the day. I don't completely discount anything happening, but for the most part just proceed as I would on any other day. 
         In bed at 12:41, up around 8. A very little bit of tossing and turning, and I was deep in dreamland. I've given up trying to remember anything from my nocturnal adventures. Suffice it to say they're there. Things I'm working out.
        Not much for music news. A couple things posted very recently to YouTube. A few more I may post. Nothing new on the two gigs I was asked about. I did have a productive day yesterday, but it was more along the lines of cleaning my horribly cluttered music room. I didn't make any music but I did facilitate the making of more music by making a more orderly environment. Clear the room, clear your head. 
         The hammering and sawing continue. They were working before I got up. That's good. This is the last full week. I like a nice quiet house(just as long as it doesn't get too quiet), but I know I'll miss the ruckus when it's gone. 
        Kind of a long entry today. Still watching Lilyhammer. It gets better as it goes. That's all I've got for now. Thanks for reading, whoever-reads-this. TGIF if it applies. More later. 
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