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    Saturday, April 7th, 2018 9:03 AM

    end o de week

    Cool Shit! I just lost my newsentry. Boy, you just push the wrong button and everything disappears! Well, more coffee is needed. Be right back. 
       Okay! It's a beautiful sunny day out there, still a little brisk at 21 degrees, but you can't have everything. In bed at 12:14, up just after 7. Some nice dreams that evaporated upon waking, same old same old. Feeling good though. Rested.
       Being the weekend, it'll be quiet here for today and tomorrow. The workers will be back on Monday to resume their work on the house. I was hoping the contractor would catch a break this weekend, but he has other jobs for these two days. Well at least it's nice, if you need the work, to have some available. 
      Music news. Had a fairly successful session with the guitar last night. I'd tried throughout the week but just couldn't seem to light a fire.  This was the first session in awhile where I got inspired. The result is this piece on YouTube. Like, crazy, man. 
      That's the actual title of the piece I put up. It's a funky blues in A, and on the playalong, they have suggestions for improv: mainly use of the mixolydian scale. Also the pentatonic. 
       Having already been down those roads, I decided to issue myself a different challenge: to avoid mixolydians and pentatonics. So I took it a bit afield. Give a listen, see what you think. 
      As I said, I tried earlier in the week, but no soap. Part of this might have been that there was always banging and sawing going on in the house this week. This may have thwarted, or at least interfered with the creative process..
      So maybe there'll be more on this quiet weekend. We'll see. But at least there's one newbie. 
       Watched the movie Copenhagen on Netflix. Frederikke Ruhl Hansen is a babe. I have a little crush on her, despite(or perhaps due to)the fact that she's less than half my age. To quote a M*A*S*H episode, I've got corns older than she is. But she's still cute. 
      I guess this is my news for today. A new post on YouTube, and a new blog on Mr Know-it-all.  Getting a bit more productive. Thanks as ever for reading, whoever-reads-this. Happy Saturday to you. More later. 
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