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    Tuesday, January 2nd, 2018 10:10 AM

    Somehow it's Muesday

    CoolWell I guess I should explain my terms here. Muesday is the Tuesday after a Monday holiday- which was always hectic since you had two days of work rolled into one. A combined Monday and Tuesday.
      Somehow It's Tuesday is a big band chart I remember from High School days. I played bass in the band and it had a nice solo section. I also remember the drummer and me getting stoned before a performance and not being able to play a damn thing!
      I felt sorry for the poor band director who had to endure that performance, and I feel sorry for the folks who have to work in the unemployment office on a day like today. Many Muesdays served over the years, all of them awful. Been there, done more of that than I cared to..

      One new post on YouTube. Yesterday was a good guitar day. I ended up recording a number of things, but only keeping one. I imagine today will follow suit.
      These first couple weeks of Winter are a bitch. That is, a full-fledged one like we're experiencing. But we normally catch a break in mid to late January, a week with temps above freezing. Just enough to catch your breath before getting hit with something else from Winter's arsenal.
    I guess this is my Tuesday news. On days like today, you really appreciate being retired. All that stuff you don't have to do anymore. I guess that's the reward for taking all that shit off those folks for all those years- 'those folks' being staff sometimes as well as clients.
    Thanks for reading, whoever-reads-this. Happy Tuesday- or at least a tolerable Muesday. More later.

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