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    Wednesday, October 31st, 2018 11:49 AM

    Wax-on Wednesday

    Cool Good morning. 51 minutes left in it. I've been up since just before 10, but have other rituals to observe besides this one. Feed cats, make coffee, take meds(for BP), about 15 minues of meditation if my cats will let me. And then the drinking of coffee, which brings life. Then, and only then, am I ever actually awake. 
        Music news. Listening last night to guitarist Adam Rogers, an album of his called Allegory. I heard him with Michael Brecker's band at Jazz at the Bistro some years back. Phenomenal player. Chops not of this world.. Has a different approach to harmony, and plays some interesting stuff "above" the changes. Supratonal, as it were. Saxophonist Chris Potter is also on the album, and has chops to burn just like Rogers. 
       I heard Chris Potter at a gig in Japan in 1995. A number of groups played, and Potter was in the "all star" ensemble with Ray Brown and other luminaries. Chris Potter is supposed to be a nice guy in real life(not all our heroes are, unfortunately)but I didn't get a chance to talk to him. 
       Anyway, back to my soapbox.  The point of music is NOT, of course, to play as many notes as you can, or as fast as you can(okay, same thing), or as high as you can. But jazz is a virtuostic art.  The harmonic language, as well as some of the tempos, require a certain level of mastery over one's instrument. But the goal is still to say something in your music, and technique will facilitate this process. Or should anyway..
      So I try to have the best chops I can, in order to broaden what I'm able to say on my instrument; all the while remembering that chops are just a servant and were never intended to run the show. Sometimes what you don't play is more important. Less can be more. 
     Two new entries on my YouTube page. One is a fast blues, nothing new there- and the other more of a fusion groove. The latter piece seemed to bring different things out of me as far as my improv. I'm always thinking about the variety on my page,making sure there IS some variety and not just the same tune(s)over and over. 
      October is my month for check-ups. My annual Eye Exam, and my semi-annual physical (the other is in April or May). Both are over with until next time. November has always been one of my mellower months, and that's probably why. I like my Opthalmologist, and my regular Doctor, and enjoy seeing them, but the best part is when we're done. 
      Thanks for reading, as always. Happy hump day to you! I'm outa here. More later. 
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