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    Thursday, September 7th, 2017 9:38 AM

    Hijinx of a semi-workig musician

    CoolThis is usually a daily thing, but somehow the whole day went by without me posting any bon mots on the page.
       Yesterday I had a gig downtown, of the last-minute variety. I've said it before and I'll say it again: a day's notice is usually fine; an hour's notice is not. Fortunately this time the call came the day before.
      It was an open mic gig, at 411(Washington between 4th and 5th)so we had a 'guest' drummer(someone we know)and a new guitarist sitting in. The guitar player did a good job, better than we'd anticipated. We were all encouraging toward him, something I like to see on a bandstand. Manners. Consideration. So I was proud of us..
      Downtown gigs always attract the indigent folks. I got talking to one before the gig. We had a nice conversation, and the poor guy pissed his pants as we were talking. I didn't(and wouldn't)comment on it, but rather just made my way back into the bar.
      I didn't tell anyone about it. You guys are the first ones I've told. But it was a colorful moment in my evening. I felt more sorry for him than anything.
      But all in all, it was a nice time. We started a half hour late, and thus played a half hour over our designated quitting time. Made winding down at home a little tougher, but I still managed to bag 7 hours of sleep.
      My YouTube page is up to a whopping 33 subscribers. Nice that it's still growing. Cat on lap, hands still free but not for long. Thanks for reading, whoever-you-are. Happy Thursday to you. More later.

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