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    Sunday, April 22nd, 2018 9:18 AM


    Cool Another sun n' clouds day. Not as good as a genuinely sunny day, but better than a completely overcast day. Sometimes you do best to be grateful for the morsels you get. In bed at 12:15 or so, up around 8. One of my cats likes to be there when I'm first waking up, and I gotta admit that furry little face is nice as one of my first sights of the morning. 
         I still can't right-click. Found a number of solutions on YouTube and elsewhere, but don't quite trust myself. A problem, to be sure, but not a terrible one. Still, something to be fixed. 
        All done with Lilyhammer. An enjoyable three seasons. Not a great show, but certainly a good one. 
        Still watching the virtual rides in New York. Only problem is that you spend a lot of time wading through the traffic. Brooklyn was disappointing for this reason. It's the most publicized of the 'outer boroughs', and seems to have a lot going on as far as the arts. Of the five boroughs, it's also the most populous, with over a hundred different neighborhoods. 
       Kinda getting some ideas for a new blog. I can probably get it done without right-click capabilities, at least the text part. We shall see. 
       No music news to speak of. My newest recordings, Tele-ology, Sirens of Kumar and Living in the 21st Century are now in the mix as far as the digital companies, and have earned .06, .01 and .02 in revenues. For more, just go to CDs. They're there waiting for you. 
      This is probably enough Sunday news for you. Thanks for reading, whoever-reads-this. Happy Sunday to you! More later. 
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