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    Tuesday, September 5th, 2017 11:29 AM

    Boy I thought he'd NEVER stop talking..

    CoolAnd it's another knocko day out there. Went to bed late- about 1:30-and got up just after 10. A good 8 hours in there. Must've needed it.
      Been reading about Karl Marx lately, and how his philosophy was misinterpreted by the
    countries who adopted Communism during the cold war. Karl Marx City, in east Germany(which later went back to its old name which I can't remember)was straight out of Orwell. Called the Stasi(shTAH-zee), there were informants all over the place. You were photographed entering and leaving the factories where you worked.
      I don't think there was anything in The Communist Manifesto or Marx's other writings to suggest a loss of liberty. The joke was that in east Germany if three people were having a conversation, one of them was an informant.
      More reading for this one. Just beginning to understand a few things.
      Music news. I have none to speak of, at least at this point in the morning. 11:15. Feeling a bit decadent having my first cup of coffee at this late hour..Still practicing, and recording some of my efforts. I've been redesigining my YouTube page, to make it more attractive for visitors.
    One thing I've "discovered" about playing in good time is that your playing needs to interact with the bass and drums, rather than just playing over them. The more I remember this, the more time just takes care of itself. Actually this tidbit I got from a Michael Brecker clinic, which I watched in part on YouTube or somewhere. Thanks Michael Brecker, for this bit of simple wisdom.
     Okay, there was one edifying moment in here. At least as far as music. As ever, thanks for reading, whoever-reads-this. I hope you don't mind the occasional digressions into whatever. I'm interested in all kinds of stuff, with the possible exceptions of Opera and Politics(even though I love History). Happy Tuesday to you- and my condolences if it's a Muesday(a doubly difficult day since you had yesterday off--applies to gov't workers). More later.
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