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    Tuesday, September 12th, 2017 12:12 PM

    Tepid Tuesday

    CoolAnother day in Paradise.
       Still watching the Civil War documentary, getting a bit bogged down. Well, the war itself kinda bogged down in the middle, with desertions on both sides. There are a lot of photographs(the daguerrotype-sp?- came about in 1830 if I'm not mistaken)and letters, so you do get a feel of what that experience must've felt like to those soldiers.
      I'm having trouble finding binge material at the moment. Twin Peaks has its moments, but also some bad ones- like you can't believe they'd leave in. And that theme- it's like bad Rachmaninoff. I am a very sentimental sort, but I don't like dripping sentiment. Like a cake that's too rich, too sugar-laden...
      One possible saving grace is the 2nd season of Lucifer, which I just picked up yesterday.. Just a question of sitting down and watching. The first was pretty interesting.
      And that's the secret of retirement. My retirement, at any rate. Binges. Not eating or drinking binges, but viewing/reading binges. The Civil War documentary is probably my best bet, as there's some educational value to it- therefore some justificaton(or rationalization)for the binge viewing.
      As well as things I didn't know, there are things I did know and forgot- like the fact that Income Tax originated in the Civil War, as a way to pay for it. And that there were folks who got rich off the war, just like in WWII.
      Music News. Well, you've probably figured by now that there really isn't any for today. That is, if you're still reading. I practiced yesterday, and even recorded a few things. But YouTube has plenty enough for now. More to come very soon.
      A gig this Saturday for two hours. Probably some kind of rehearsal on Thursday.
      Next week is the same. A two-hour Saturday gig and probably a rehearsal. Just enough to keep me out of trouble.
      As ever, thanks for reading, whoever-reads-this. More later.
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