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    Wednesday, April 18th, 2018 9:21 AM


    Cool Sun n' clouds this morning. A B+(or maybe B-)day. In bed at 12:25, up at around 8:30. I gotta say, I really like mornings anymore- when I don't have a job I've got to go to(and deal not only with disgruntled claimants, but morning people!). I like my morning rituals: fix coffee, feed pets, meditation, firing up the computer, writing this drivel, etc..
        Yesterday was an exercise day, as in Cardio. This relieves me of the need to engage in such activities today. Music and errands are on the agenda for this Wednesday. I recorded something last night,and may add it to my stuff on YouTube if it's worthy. That is, if it works. 
       This has been a rough Winter. I had a couple weeks in there where I didn't sleep so good(this is why I always put my sleep and wake times in here, just to reinforce being in Sleep Mode). And a number of people I know have had health issues. One person I play occasional gigs with has been taking care of his girlfriend for several months now, and currently has some problems of his own. I hate seeing people suffering..
       Music news: I'm getting a new guitar, adding one to my collection. It' a solid body, 2 pickups, unknown brand name, nice sound, and a unique shape. The shape is what grabbed me. So as soon as some fretting problems are taken care of, this little baby will be mine. Amid the shit I'm going through at the moment- house repairs and dental work- I feel like I need to treat myself to something. 
      On the 3rd and final season of Lilyhammer. I wish there were more episodes, but it is what it is. Oh well. Binge-watching is probably not the healthiest thing to do..
      Well I guess this is all I've got on this Wednesday morning. As ever, thanks for reading, whoever-reads-this. Happy hump day to you! More later. 
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