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    Saturday, May 5th, 2018 10:52 AM

    Snagglepuss Saturday

    Cool Gracious good morning, whoever-reads-this. Going through my morning rituals: feed cats, make coffee, fire up computer- and got caught up in various pages on today's social media.
        It's a beautiful day out there once again, and once again a good night's sleep. In bed at 12:42, up around 8:30. The kind of sleep where you close your eyes, a few random thoughts run through your head, and the next thing you know it's morning and your cat is right there cajoling you into feeding her. 
        Yesterday I bought a new guitar. Got it from a friend who likes to re-build them. It's a no-name he'd found on E-bay. Very unique shape, which is what attracted me in the beginning. A nice dark tone. I'll probably do some recording with it today, and as always, share whatever works on my YouTube page. 
      I have an account on Spotify, but it's suspended for some damn reason. Maybe I'll resolve that today. Not a big priority, but still- another place on which to feature some of my tunes.
      My 3 new recordings: Tele-ology, Sirens of Kumar, and Living in the 21st Century are starting to get some play out there in digital-land.  They're now in the bloodstream, so to speak, and are starting to get some attention. People are streaming selections from all 3. So far, Tele-ology is winning, at a whopping .22, and also has a couple of downloads to its credit. But they're all getting some attention. 
      Of course, I'd like to see more happening here. Downloads and CD purchases as well as the streams. But you take what you get and make the best of it. So I have my daily fun seeing the tunes people choose to stream. And I've got quite a lot of them. Tunes, that is. And CDs..
      So there you go. Actually, there are two new things on my YouTube page. One is a funky thing, the other is a hiphop version of Donna Lee. And hopefully a few new cuts with the new guitar. Time for that second cup of Morning Joe, so I'll exheunt here. Exheunt- I think that was one of Snagglepuss's lines, along with stage right. Thanks for reading, whoever-reads-this. More later. 
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