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    Sunday, May 6th, 2018 9:29 AM


    Cool More on the cloudy, overcast side as far as what's outside my window this morning. In bed at 12:42, up just after 8. Out like a light.  As usual, dreams I don't remember but whose content I still have a sense of. 
        Some pickin' yesterday, and with it, one new piece on YouTube. Actually got a few plays, and a nice comment. 
        My cat is on my lap, clamoring for attention. We're at cross purposes, as first thing in the morning all I want to do is sit and scratch. Cats understand just sitting and doing nothing, but it's got to be their idea. When they're on, you'd better be too. 
       I should've said one of my cats. I have two. The other one is not a lap cat, but will want to sit next to me- so I make sure the printer is suitably cleaned off. Sometimes they both descend on me at once. But they never both sit here with me. One or the other leaves.
       I think that was my Mom's expression. Sit and scratch. Makes sense first thing in the morning. I'm rested and all, but still like to ease into the day. Never could stand morning people at work, with their incessant jabbering. 
       Mornings are now much more pleasant without the morning people in there. True, I have cats who clamor for lap or printer time, but they generally get their fix and go. 
      Nothing on the books today or for the rest of the week. A gig on the 18th, which is a week from Friday. More music ahead. Thanks for reading, whoever-reads-this. Happy Sunday to you! More later. 
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