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    Thursday, May 10th, 2018 10:41 AM


    Cool A beautiful sunny day out there. In bed at 12:54, up at 9:30. I almost feel decadent getting up at this relatively late morning hour, but I think I needed those few extra winks. 
        More streams from CD Baby. In the best of all possible worlds, these would all be downloads and CD sales, but you take what you can get and try to be happy with it. So I enjoy getting in there and seeing what people are listening to. Solo Jazz Guitar is my best seller, and then Jazz Guitar. Then there's The Sam Crain Trio and Jazz Guitar Vol 2
        I like seeing streams from my more obscure CDs as well, and especially the 3 new ones: Tele-ology, Sirens of Kumar and Living in the 21st Century. 
        Jazz Guitar 2015 was designed to be a fairly good seller. I had standards as well as originals, which sells people on the recognizability factor; and I had other people besides myself playing. So I thought I'd done everything right. And the sucker just sat there on the shelf! But it's starting to get some more streams these days. 
       I'm thinking about another Jazz Guitar album, maybe this time Jazz Guitar Vol 4. Already started on it at one point, so I have some cuts around here someplace. Also more looney tunes on the Roland Fantom. More music to come..
       Still taking the YouTube rides through downtowns of US cities. Denver, Philadelphia and Pittsburgh were done yesterday. All cool. PIttsburgh really grabbed me though, of the three.
      No other news I can think of at the moment. Another cup of Morning Joe awaits. Thanks for reading, whoever-reads-this. More later. 
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