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    Wednesday, May 16th, 2018 10:02 AM


    Cool A cloudy day in Paradise, Nature's unsmiling face.In bed at 12:30, up at around 8:30.  No tossing or turning I can recall, just straight to dreamland. Occasionally I'll remember a line of dialogue, but it's usually lost upon waking up. There are some dream environments that I do remember though, places which are most likely amalgamations of those I've visited or seen on the screen. 
      Yesterday was a day of sterling virtue in that I worked out(Cardio)and practiced. A gig on Friday, so I'm shedding. 
      I haven't played out anywhere in over a month. Should feel like a novelty doing so on Friday. 
      Earworm of the day: Noel Redding's song Little Miss Strange from the Hendrix album Electric Ladyland. This is quite often something I just wake up with, something lodged in my auditory memory. 
      I think Redding, and drummer Mitch Mitchell, are still alive. Seems like I saw an interview with Noel Redding not too long ago. He was a frustrated guitarist during his stint with Hendrix, and never really made his mark. But to have played with Jimi Hendrix in his band is quite a feather in your cap--even if it's not the feather you'd had in mind..
      As far as being a frustrated guitarist playing bass, I understand that all too well. Been one myself, as a doubler with way more bass gigs than I wanted, and not nearly enough on guitar(often unless I booked it myself!). 
      I had some nice times on the bass, actually. What drove me away from it was other musicians trying to tell me how to play: simpler, not so many notes. Maybe if Noel Redding had a position on bass more like Jack Bruce in Cream, where the guitar and bass seemed to improvise at the same time, he'd have been happier. 
      Well I guess that's all my news for now. Don't know how I got off on that track, but such digressions I think make this page more entertaining. Thanks for reading, whoever-reads-this. Happy hump day. More later. 
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