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    Thursday, May 17th, 2018 10:17 AM


    Cool A beautiful sunny day out there. In bed at 12:57, up around 9. One of my first domestic duties in the morning is opening the blinds, and I love to see the sun peeking through. So we're off to a good start today. 
         Music news. One new subscriber to my YouTube page. Thank you very much, whoever you are. Nothing new there for the past couple days, but I have been practicing. I have some speakers on my computer that should probably be replaced, and have been struggling with it on some cuts from YouTube. So it's gotten in the way of my recording anything. 
       Still, as I always say, plenty to listen to on there. So there's sure to be something you missed. 
       I've been getting more streams from my various CDs. Sometimes people get a particular tune they glom onto. Tenor Madness  is one, Fulsome Prism Blues is another. Of late, I've been getting a lot of streams on a tune called Service with a Sneer. It's from a relatively new CD called Guitar Psychosis. 
      Yes, it's a take-off on The Ventures' Guitar Freakout. The title, not the music. But it is some of my weirder guitar music. Funny that they were sort of 'hip' in the 60's, became uncool in the 70's, and re-emerged as campy in the 80's and beyond. 
      They endorsed Mosrite guitars for awhile in there, but thankfully didn't play them all that much, opting for Fender or Gibson guitars(way to go, fellas!). Mosrite guitars are, in my experience, pieces of kindling. Mosrong...
      A gig tomorrow at Robbie's. Should be fun. That's all the news I can think of at the moment. Time for cup #2 of Morning Joe. Thanks for reading, whoever-reads-this. Happy Thursday to you. More later. 
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