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    Wednesday, July 4th, 2018 11:04 AM

    Happy Independence Day!

    Cool Happy 4th, whoever-reads-this!Getting started slightly later in the day than usual. In bed at 1:52(!), up at 9:49. Feeling a little bit decadent today, but then sleeping in is what retirement's all about. One of its main "tenets".  Yesterday was a day of Sterling Virtue(my self-congratulations on getting in both exercise and guitar practice), so I can cut myself some slack today. Besides, it's the 4th!
         Music news. I'm now up to 45 subscribers on my YouTube page. Still a small following, but then I started with no subscribers, and then it was a whopping 12 for the longest time. So you take your victories wherever(and however) you get them. Grateful as hell for all 45 of my subscribers. When it hits 50 I might do something special. Don't know what, gotta get there first. 
         In other music news, I've made $49.25 in streams and downloads on CD Baby. They submit your wares to various digital companies out there, and then you're paid for the streams and downloads. On the streams, an infinitesimal amount of money, sometimes .00 or a fraction of a cent. But it does add up(albeit often like Geologic Time). And when it hits $50, they pay me. What a great system!
       A gig this Friday, at Robbie's, and then another gig there two weeks from Friday. Keeping my gigs down to one or two in a month. Fewer public performances, but gigs are more fun that way, when there's some novelty to it. Also stepping up my practicing, trying to bring my playing up a level as far as technique. So on my fewer gigs, I should sound better from all this woodshedding. Time will tell.. 
      Boy, I'm a verbose sumbuck this morning. Anyway, thanks for reading, whoever-reads-this. Happy 4th to you, however you choose to spend it. I have some things to do today, but the first one is to get another cup of coffee. Gotta have my Morning Joe.  Ich bin outa here. More later. 
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