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    Wednesday, February 7th, 2018 9:05 AM


    Cool Put the repeat marks on this one. A bright, sunny day out there- and, like yesterday, cold as hell. Not single digits but still freezing. 
        Also another good sleeping night. Woke up once but got right back to slumberland- and a completely different set of dreams. And as usual, I don't remember a thing, except for a vague feeling that I was somewhere doing something. 
        I worked some last night on my third new CD(excuse me, download), and got all the tunes uploaded to CD Baby. What remains is the cover page, and hopefully I can improvise something with the digital camera that'll work. 
      Just good to get this stuff off my desk, so to speak. It's been sitting around for almost 3 years. 
      I've been strapping on the guitar these past couple days, getting the fingers loosened back up. And I've even posted a couple things to my YouTube page. Up to a whopping 36 subscriptions at this point. 
      Feels good to be playing again, as well as working-on-my-tunes. Both these activities help to round me out as a musician. Hell, as a person. I need, as my Doctor might say(and has said to me)to use that side of my brain more..
      Nothing on the books until Valentine's Day, when I have a one-hour gig at Montvale estates. That's one of the assisted-living places here in town. Next month is a little busier, with 4 dates on the calendar. Most of those are the one-hour-wonder variety, and none of them go past 8 at night. 
      I'm 63 years old, but not 'geriatric' just yet. Lazy perhaps, but not out to pasture. It's not that I'd be unable to do more and longer gigs- rather that I choose not to. But I'm still out there doing something- even if it is just 60 minute shows. 
      Speaking of doing something, it's probably high time I got on that. My morning agenda, besides writing in here, includes breakfast and Lumosity games. So those two activities await me. As ever, thanks for reading, whoever-reads-this. More later. 
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