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    Monday, October 9th, 2017 9:21 AM

    A peaceful but dismal Monday

    CoolGood morning, whoever-reads-this. A slightly darkened sun n' clouds affair today, but waking refreshed from a good night's sleep. That makes the difference.
      Today is John Lennon's birthday. For my money, Lennon/McCartney was an unbeatable songwriting team. Really, to quote a 2-star movie(The Cowboy Way), they were better together than apart. Again, just my humble opinion. Lennon was the better lyricist and McCartney the better melodist. Happy birthday John Lennon, wherever you are in the Universe..
      The first Beatles song I ever heard was Nowhere Man. 1965. I was all of eleven years old, and hadn't even taken up guitar yet- though I did within the year. And here I am 63 years old- and I still love the song Nowhere Man!
      Nothing much to report in my part of the Universe. Being a cloudy day, I imagine that makes for a grimmer Monday morning at the unemployment office- and most other  offices as well.
      I worked for the IL Dept of Employment Security for 22 years, most of them spent at the local office taking care of the huddled masses. They're probably lined up at the door this morning. That was always a disheartening sight, pulling into the parking lot and seeing a line of disgruntled customers waiting for the door to open.
      Thus, the day always started with a bang. A long line of complaints. This is a jarring way to start your day. Corona would usually help me end the day, once I was home. Nothing was more soul-satisfying after such a day than an ice-cold beer or several.
     So much for my reminiscences. This went on a little longer than I'd intended. No music news as yet, but the day is young. Thanks for reading, whoever-you-are. Happy Monday, if that's possible. More later.
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