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    Tuesday, October 10th, 2017 10:41 AM

    Torpid Tuesday

    CoolSo far, a nice day in the neighborhood. Getting some clouds in there, but a nice beginning to the day anyway.
      It looks like I'm finally going to get my B. Cook archtop guitar(aka my "huge" guitar) fixed. B. Cook(aka Billy) is supposed to be in town today, and left me a voice message.
      I've moved on, guitar-wise, to a Telecaster and then a Gretsch semi-hollowbody(much like a Gibson ES-335), but the B. Cook is really a better instrument. Beautiful big tone. Archtops are twitchy though, and are not without their problems.
      A friend dubbed it my "huge" guitar, just to mess with me. It is big on me. It would be big on him too.(So there!)
      Nothing new on YouTube, but I'll get the itch again. Still practicing, just not 'immortalizing' anything on tape.
      Watching a cartoon show on Netflix called Brickleberry. Probably the most tasteless stuff I've witnessed on TV. It takes a lot to truly offend me, and the things that cause offense are not generally by virtue of their outrageousness.
    The TV show Parks and Recreation was offensive to me because I felt it was cruel. They'd always seem to pick on one character in the show(Jerry), who was a bit of a dullard but not deserving of all the abuse heaped on him. Cruelty offends me. Cruelty pisses me off. It makes me want to be real mean to the folks who are being cruel. A lose-lose situation..
      Okay! Moving on..Nothing else to impart at this point. Just finished my first cup of Morning Joe- thank you sir, may I have another. Two, maybe three cups in the morning  generally gets the juices flowing.
      As ever, thanks for reading, whoever-reads-this. More later.


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