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    Sunday, October 8th, 2017 12:04 PM

    Sunday's forecast

    CoolWell it may not last- it sure didn't yesterday-but we're starting off with another beautiful sunny day.
      Today is an exercise day, which means that an hour and change out of today will involve my working over 5 different parts of my body: legs, shoulders, chest, arms and abdominals. I'm not really feeling like it today, which is where the discipline comes in.
      Some of the exercises are more grueling than others(the shoulder press is probably my least favorite), so it's not exactly a barrel of laughs getting through it. But there is that sense of accomplishment at the end,  having once again gotten some good strenuous exercise. Like solo guitar, I like having exercised better than the exercising itself.
      Music News. Getting tired of doing playalongs. Always the same old tunes.  Must get Band-in-a-Box. I have dusted off the side of the room where my keyboards and recording stuff are. That doesn't sound like much, but there was a forest of clutter to be cleared out. Also got everything plugged back in and refamiliarized myself with the controls. The proverbial first step.
      I feel like my mind is just itching for something creative, to create something. And that's where the recording stuff comes in. You can make pieces from scratch(much like a dish in the kitchen), starting with a rhythmic pattern and adding layers. Lots of fun, and fulfilling fun at that.
      So, more to come in this area. And more on good old YouTube.
      On cup #2 of my Morning Joe. Well, 2 and a half..And on to my other morning ritual, Lumosity. It's a website with different games that work different cognitive areas, such as memory, problem-solving, flexibility, attention. Like the physical workout, some things are fun and others more grueling.
      As ever, thanks for stopping in, whoever-reads-this. Happy Sunday to you! More later.

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