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    Sunday, February 11th, 2018 10:05 AM


    Cool One of my cats woke me up just a little early, but I was able to doze some before finally bounding out of bed to start another day. Still got my basic shuteye for the night. Again with the dreams I can't remember. 
        Sometimes I'm back at work, though it's not noisy or hectic in any way. Just back in a work environment. That I do remember from my dreams: the setting. I've also been back in school, but mainly to the 'astral workplace'. 
      A fairly good day with the guitar, but not a particularly inspired one. Still, got some more time in with it. 
      Watched an interesting documentary on Netflix about algorithms. An algorithm is simply a set of procedures, a set of instructions. They're used to determine all sorts of results, from dating services to building specs. They track and sort material by whatever criteria we program in, sifting through data at great speed. 
      I remember when the Yamaha DX-7 came out, a wonderful keyboard with digital(as opposed to analog)technology. One of my friends told me it contained algorithms- and his tone was such that you figured(or he wanted you to figure)that this was some kind of esoteric knowledge, privy to only a few..
      This gave me a chuckle. We've all put on airs at some point in life, tried to pass ourselves off as more sophisticated, more well-read than we really are. And I'm no choirboy here myself. So with the chuckle is relief: that other people can be just as silly as me. Thank you for that, other people...
      New music on YouTube. I may follow up with more. Got a couple beatbox grooves I've discovered, which might just go well with a bass line, and then guitarstuff. We'll see. 
      Still getting through my morning rituals, of which this is one. Next up is Lumosity, a series of brain-challenging games to keep those neurons firing, and then breakfast. 
      From there, I'm ready to start my day. Thanks for reading, whoever-reads-this. More later. 
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