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    Thursday, October 19th, 2017 10:55 AM


    CoolAnother day in Paradise. A bright sunny day out there. Felines have been fed, coffee has been made. I can't imagine writing this stuff without my trusty cup of Morning Joe.
      Yes I know, that's a news show. It's on at Ass O'Clock in the morning. Two reasons I don't watch: 1)I'm still asleep or just waking up; 2)I can't stand chatter when I'm trying to wake up in the morning. As a possible third, I've found the host to be kind of arrogant, particularly toward his female co-host.
      Most of the other MSNBC journalists I like. But I still watch in small doses. I've tried following more closely, and and up stressed and pissed off. The Donald is deleterious.
      Music news. I've just discovered an amazing pianist. Marian Petrescu of Romania. Art Tatum, Oscar Peterson, Bill Evans, Michel Petrucianni, Kenny Drew Jr and Phineas Newborn all rolled into one- and then some! Freaky good technique, and it always goes somewhere!
      There are a number of YouTube videos with Petrescu, including a handful with a Swedish guitarist: Andreas Oberg. I've heard Oberg before. Also scary technique. Can't say as the piano and guitar blend very well, likewise these two virtuosi. But it's still a treat hearing them both.
      Seems like I'm hearing more great players from places like Finland and Norway. Okay, and Romania. I made the joke on my Facebook page that Petrescu, unlike Sun Ra, could well be from Saturn.
      But enough of other people. Let's talk about ME. Just kidding.
      Well actually I wasn't. Not much happening on the calendar,though I did pick up another gig for November, this one back in Jacksonville at the beautiful Cedarhurst Nursing Home. Drive a half hour, play for just over an hour, drive another half hour. Piece of cake.
      I've been practicing Giant Steps lately, trying to play it without the changes in front of me. It's one of the tunes, along with Moment's Notice, that I dig back out every now and then. Also bebop heads, like Donna Lee and Scrapple from the Apple. They are to jazz what Bach Inventions are to a classical player.
      I haven't put anything on my YouTube page in a while, but there's already a ton of stuff to hear. And I'll resume there when I get some cuts that work. Also futzing around with some solo guitar things.
      Boy I'm a long-winded sumbitch. Thanks for wading through all this, whoever-reads-this. Happy Thursday to you!(Incipient Friday, to those still in the workforce). More later.
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