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    Friday, June 1st, 2018 9:11 AM


    Cool Well, we seem to have nice days in a row just like crummy ones. And this is another nice one. In bed at 12:16, up at 7 and then 8. I have a cat who likes to try to wake me up in the morning, but she's learned to cool it. So she just sort of lingers until I'm up and moving. 
          One thing I do just before turning off the lights is to turn my alarm clock around so I can't see it. That way if I toss and turn, I won't be looking at the clock. That always makes matters worse. So this is pretty effective, except that it incorporates itself into my dreaming, where I'll wake up and turn the clock around. Then I wake up for real, and see the clock still facing the wall. And realize that I've been had.
        There is humor there, of the dry and ironic sort...
         Okay. Music news! I have none. Two jobs this month. And one in August. Just enough to keep things interesting. Two of my jobs are with the Samba Llamas, with whom I've been subbing here and there.Still practicing most every day. I keep feeling like making new soundz on the synth, coming up with some more pieces. Just gotta work that into my day. It's an impulse I need to follow. 
       I try to pay attention to such things as hunches and impulses because they're usually leading me to something good.
      Okay, that's all I've got. Not much, I know, but we're just starting off with a new month. As ever, thanks for reading, whoever-reads-this. TGIF if it applies. More later.  
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