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    Wednesday, July 26th, 2017 1:08 PM

    Dr Crain- musician, amateur Neurologist

    CoolIn bed at 1:20, up at 8:30, then back to bed until 11:20. Except for a few interruptions, that's 10 hours of sleep! I must've needed it.
       Yesterday included a good hour of Cardio and some guitar practice. Recorded a couple things, one or two might be YouTube worthy.
       Also had a nice talk with a friend- musician, trumpet player(see Gallery)whom I never get to see. And speaking of seeing, he's had a most distressing year losing most of his sight. I mentioned that one of the only plusses to this is that his other senses will sharpen.
       In the brain, there are all kinds of sensory neurons filling in information the eyes can't deliver. An English neurologist, Charles Scott Sherrington, published a paper in 1906 talking about these different kinds of perception. Proprioception is the peripheral  awareness of one's own body, like the ability to close your eyes and touch your nose. Exteroception is that awareness of phenomena outside the body, and Interoception(I think I'm getting that right)is awareness within the body- hunger, pleasure, pain. These perceptions come from the Cerebellum(I did get this right!), which controls our motor functions. Sort of like the DMV of our brains..
      I read this stuff quite some time ago, and just reviewed it minutes ago, to see how much and how accurately I remembered. Not too shabby, though there were a few things that had become hazy.
      Well anyway. That was my day yesterday. Hard telling what today will bring. I feel a bit decadent waking up at 11:20, like I pissed away half the day, but also refreshed. Thanks for reading as ever, maybe some new YouTube stuff. Happy Wednesday to you. More later.

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