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    Sunday, June 10th, 2018 9:55 AM


    Cool Good morning, whoever-reads-this. Looks like a beautiful sunny day out there, today's high is cannabis. Just kidding(at least as far as you know), I meant 89 degrees. So it'll be hot today. 
          I was trying to leave out my "sleep stats" today, but it feels like something's missing. So, okay: in bed at 12:34, up around 8:30. Another good night's sleep. I've had some patches of Insomnia in the last couple years, and in the interest of rectifying this problem I got in the habit of documenting my sleep/wake hours. Being one of those people who document stuff naturally, it was a pretty good fit. So out of force of habit, I still record all this stuff..
         A very productive day yesterday. An hour of Cardio and several hours of guitar practice. These are both things I should really be doing most every day, but some exercise/practice is better than none. I might have something new to post on YouTube- but as I always say, there's plenty up there already, including two new posts in the past couple days. 
       This coming week will be busy, at least for me. Tuesday is Dental work and a band rehearsal with the Samba Llamas. Friday is a job with them, and Saturday is another bandjob(see the Gigs page for all the sordid details). When I have busy days ahead, I tend to use the free days in the week to conserve my energy. So today and Monday, and Wednesday and Thursday, will be quieter days. 
        Watched the whole first season of Cobra Kai. Much more character development than in the Karate Kid movies. And the lines of protagonist/antagonist are more blurred, with the different sides to the characters. Johnny Lawrence is cast as the 'villain' but we see a lot more of his story, of what made him what he is today. 
      To create tension between characters, some directors will separate the actors so that little or no interaction happens between the 'good guys and the 'bad guys'. In Animal House, director John Landis kept the two fraternity factions separate as much as possible. In the Karate Kid, director John Avildsen(who also directed the first Rocky movie, for what that's worth)had the same approach, encouraging the Cobras to all hang out together. Easier to get that tension if the different camps don't know each other. 
      There are a number of promotional video clips, with the actors being interviewed, and this stuff came up on one of them.
       When I'm not making music, I'm either reading something or watching something. This is probably enough verbiage outa me for now. Thanks for reading, whoever-reads-this. More later. 
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