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    Thursday, November 2nd, 2017 10:58 AM

    a gloomy but well-rested Thursday

    CoolAnother dark and cloudy one out there. In bed at 1:30, up at about 9:30. Trying to wake up here, with cup #1 of Morning Joe. The better the night's sleep, the longer it takes me to wake up the next morning.
      A fair amount of dreaming, which is fading as I write. Different places, different situations. That's all I remember. I guess that's all I need to remember..

      Music News. A halfway decent practice session yesterday, which yielded one decent effort. So I have something new to upload to YouTube. And it's different stuff for me: more chords, more long sustained notes, more space.
      Something I didn't know about the body is that there are different kinds of fat. There's subcutaneous fat, right underneath the skin; and there's visceral fat, which is in the abdomen and attaches itself to internal organs like the pancreas or liver.
      Visceral fat is the worst. It can gum up the works with some of your internal organs so that they don't do their jobs: the pancreas making insulin, the liver producing bile, etc. Because of its proximity to these vital organs, you can't have visceral fat surgically removed. Only exercise and diet can exorcise this stuff.
      Sumo wrestlers, strangely enough, have tons of subcutaneous fat but relatively little visceral fat. Thanks to their diet and exercise programs, visceral fat is kept to a minimum. They are much healthier than the skinny fellow who doesn't exercise. Appearances can definitely be deceiving, eh what?

      I had a checkup on Monday, and learned this stuff from my Doctor. Nice to have something to read up on after these sessions.
      Nothing else to report that I can think of. Still trying to wake up. Well, thanks for reading, whoever-reads-this. More later.
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