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    Wednesday, June 6th, 2018 9:31 AM


    Cool Good morning, whoever-reads-this. It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood. In bed at 12:43, up at 6 and then 8:30. No middle of night wake-ups, and no more teeth falling out. Just hit the pillow and the next thing I know it's morning. The sun is shining, the birds are singing(well, not yet), one of my cats is quasi-asleep on the printer and purring away.  I'm having a pretty good day.
    Yesterday, as it turns out, was a day of sterling virtue. A virtuous day is when I get some exercise and a day of sterling virtue is one where I also practiced guitar.  And I even uploaded two new things to my YouTube page. Hope you'll check them out. Inspiration has always come and gone. Glad it still returns. 
    Second night of intense listening, to Messrs Brecker, Metheny, and DeFrancesco. Michael Brecker impresses me every time I hear him. Metheny I like very much for the most part. Starting to hear his "bag of tricks". Most of them I like. One or two things I might do differently myself, but who cares? He's a very lyrical player. That is probably my favorite aspect of his playing. 
    Still watching YouTube videos of city driving, especially New York. I've been to Manhattan five times, and feel like I want to go back again. Expensive...Particularly enjoying the video that takes you up Third Avenue, from its raffish beginnings as the Bowery. through the East Village and other downtown neighborhoods, through Midtown and the Upper East Side finally ending in Harlem, at 125th street. 
    Third is my favorite of NY's avenues. Lots of Irish bars and shops. When it hits about 39th street it starts to get more upscale. Through midtown, the buildings are huge and majestic- you feel like you're entering Heaven. But the money eventually runs out, around 96th street, and it's downhill from there. By the time you get to 125th street, you feel like you're entering Hell..
    Well anyway. Another beautiful day on our hands here. I suspect more guitar shenanigans as today's business. As always, whatever is salvageable I'm glad to share. So, off and running. Thanks for reading as ever, whoever-reads-this. Happy hump day if it applies. More later. 
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