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    Saturday, June 9th, 2018 8:17 AM


    Cool Good morning, whoever-reads-this. In bed at 12:04, up just before 7. It sounds like less sleep than needed, but actually feels fine. I think I was fast asleep by 12:06. Anyway, a good night's sleep. Not ready to take on the world yet(it's still coming into focus), but ready for that first cup of Morning Joe. 
          A busy week awaits. Dental stuff on Tuesday, and then a band rehearsal with the Samba Llamas for an upcoming gig. Playing Friday night with them, and then Saturday with a different group. Except for the dental stuff, it should be a fun week. And like all busy weeks or patches, it'll feel great when it's over. 
        Also a date in July and another in August. One or two times a month is just fine with me. When I first left the world of work, I was playing at least 6 times every month- sometimes as many as 10. Enjoyable at first, but left me kinda burned out. Noisy, crowded venues for people usually about half my age- which means 30-year-old women, who naturally wouldn't want anything to do with some old geezer like myself. 
        I still love to play though. That hasn't gone anywhere. I just have a problem with playing out, for the reasons given above: noise, crowds, lack of social benefits. So I play out rather sparingly. That way it's a bit of a novelty, both to me and to the audience. 
       Currently binge-watching a show on YouTube(or, rather, Red Tube)called Cobra Kai. It's a sequel to the old Karate Kid movies from the 80's. Daniel Larusso is now a very successful car dealer in LA; his archnemesis Johnny Lawrence is now down-and-out, and in desperation opens a Karate school(or dojo)in a cheesy strip mall. He still has the Cobra Kai philosophy(strike fast, strike hard, no mercy)but they somehow legitimize this way of teaching. He is a tough instructor, and doesn't mollycoddle anyone, but there is compassion to him. We'll see how this all shakes out. 
      Wow. A lot of verbiage outa me this morning. Such is life on this Saturday morning. As always, thanks for reading, whoever-reads-this. Happy Saturday to you. More later. 
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