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    Thursday, October 11th, 2018 11:32 AM


    Cool A beautiful sunny day out there. Hope it stays that way. Yesterday started off rainy and ended on a sunny note. For my money, they should all be sunny. I want them all to be California Girls.
         I just had both my cats descend onto me, one on the printer and one on my lap. It's one of our morning rituals, after feeding time(of course!)that one or both of them are all over me like a cheap suit, clamoring for attention.
         We're somewhat at cross purposes there, as all I want to do is just sit and scratch while I'm having that first cup of coffee. So I try and provide them the attention they want/need, while swilling that cup of coffee that I need(/need..).
         Music News. Kenny Drew Jr was a fucking genius! I've listened to his CD Coral Sea maybe half a dozen times, and each time I hear something different. Rhythm-a-ning, the great Thelonious Monk composition, takes on new life. Drew's rendition is phenomenal. And very clever, as far as the inherent humor in the composition. You hear a lot of influences in his playing, most notably Bill Evans.
        Listening to music is one of my evening rituals, and just as important to the end of the day as coffee is to the beginning. Without coffee, I'd be a vegetable for much of the day; and without music I probably wouldn't sleep as well. So every night before bed I try to listen to someone. Maybe me, usually someone else. 
       I just uploaded something new to my YouTube page. If I Were a Bell. I've actually got a couple versions. One thing about having played forever is that you're at least somewhat consistent with your technique and approach. So it's tougher to make choices about different takes, different versions. Often there's no clear-cut winner. Every take has something to recommend it, some redeeming quality. 
      What I end up doing is selecting the cut with the best time sense. The one that feels the best. Feel is really where it's at. 
       There is another one I uploaded yesterday called Down Home Bluuz. I was practicing playing double-time figures, trying to keep them smooth, so the cut is awash with torrents of 16th notes. I also played some down and dirty stuff in there, but it's pretty doubletime-happy. 
       Anyway, some new listening material for you. I have two days off from my exercise schedule(Saturday, Monday and Wednesday), which should be very conducive to guitar playing. So I should have a goodly amount of new stuff.
       As always, thanks for reading. Happy Thursday to you. I'm gone. More later, 
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