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    Saturday, November 4th, 2017 12:02 PM

    Sam's Saturday Sadhana

    CoolBack to the clouds today. Nature's unsmiling face..
        In bed at 1:40 in the am, up at 9:55. A good 8 hours of sleep in there. That seems to be my natural cycle, give or take a little time on either end.

        Something new on YouTube, called 3-minute blues. Like a 3-minute egg but without the cholesterol(and lactose). Nice brisk tempo- 235 as I remember.
       Still binge-watching Dexter on Netflix. I'm usually good for an episode per sitting, as it's pretty intense stuff. The character of Dexter has evolved in the 4 seasons I've gone through thusfar. A serial killer, a sociopathic personality, who still really just wants to be a normal guy- but of course has to honor the inner darkness, the 'need' to kill...
      When you're watching a show about duplicity, about a double-life hiding a terrible secret, the whole series moves in anticipation of that terrible secret being brought to light.  Just like Nurse Jackie, it should all unravel in the last season. It has to happen..
       Music News. No gigs until the end of the month, and then a couple in December. Just enough to get my ass out of the house. This year I was ready for the busy season to begin, but the group broke up. So I didn't have a ton of gigs, but I felt fine with that! Enjoyed the peace and quiet of a light(almost non-existent) playing schedule.
      With fewer things on the books, I'm calmer. More at peace with myself and the world. Free to set my own schedule, or lack thereof.
       Experience has taught me, though,  that I have to have some structure in there- a modicum of order-to keep myself feeling good. Otherwise, you run the risk of living too much inside your own head, which can  lead to Jack Torrance Syndrome.
      It's all about that balance. Even though I'm not playing out as much, I still try and practice every day. Working on various things, currently how to play 'over' the changes. Been listening to Adam Rogers, who is a phenomenal guitarist and quite skilled in playing lines that float above the tonality or create a different one.
      His tutorials on YouTube are pretty good, but not exhaustive. You still have to get in there and find the stuff yourself. The guidelines he gave were things I'd already thought of myself. Again, you've gotta just find it on your own..
      Okay, this has probably gone on enough. A little more sun out there, maybe a B- day at this point. Thanks for reading, whoever-reads-this. Happy Saturday to you! More later.



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