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    Thursday, November 9th, 2017 10:17 AM


    CoolAnd it's another brilliantly sunny day out there.Waking up is often  a jarring experience, like somebody suddenly turned the lights on. My eyes sometimes take a minute to adjust to that very first glimpse of sunlight, but then they're fine.
      Other than that brief adjustment, I welcome sunny mornings. I like most things morning, with the possible exception of morning people- but being retired and all, I no longer have to endure their chatter as I inch into awareness. I like my morning rituals: fix coffee, feed cats, take meds- and my meditation is always better at this time.
      I welcome the new day, but a little bit at a time. None of that Carpe Diem  horseshit around here...
      Music News: 1 new entry on YouTube. Yesterday turned out to be a day of Sterling Virtue, meaning that I got some exercise(weights)and practiced. Sometimes the practice session isn't as good, since I'm worn out from the exercise, but I still try.
       Recorded 4 things and one of them seemed to work. The big question is 'how does it feel'? How's the time? Does it flow in this sense? If the time feels good, and there aren't a preponderance of clams, then it's ready to swim upstream and be uploaded to my YouTube page.
       I suppose you could think of Salmon or Spermatozoa swimming their ways upstream, as far as this goes. Either analogy would work.
      This is an 'alt' day, meaning that I probably won't exercise until tomorrow. Got a pretty good stretch going here since last week: sun, tues, thurs, sat, mon, and wed. So Friday would be the next exercise day. I try to alternate cardio and weights.
      Trying to coordinate all this with a practice schedule. That I try and do every day, even though it's usually better on these alt days when there's no grueling physical workout. You can only do what you can do..
      So this is my somewhat long-winded news for today. Thanks for wading through, whoever-reads-this. Happy Thursday to you! More later.
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