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    Saturday, June 16th, 2018 10:47 AM


    Cool Good morning, whoever-reads-this. It's a beautiful sunny day out there, due to get hotter. In bed just after 1, up around 9. A good night's sleep. 
          A gig today, from 5 to 7. The end of a busy week. It's taken awhile, but I've gotten used to all this free time, being retired and all. Some folks go back to work someplace else just to fill the hours. Me, I just need a little bit of structure- a modicum, if you will. So I work out a couple days in the week, and have a few people I get together with for a meal here and there. And that seems to take care of it. 
         Plus these occasional gigs. Last night's, with the Samba Llamas, was a whole lot of fun. It's very rhythmic music, and some pretty brisk tempos in there. I got a good workout in the two hours we played. And on the personal side, everybody gets along wonderfully. That can be as important as the music itself(having been in my share of bands just fraught with conflict and dissension). So, looking forward to working with them again in August. 
         I meant what I said earlier about the bars. When I first left my job with the State in June of 2013, I played all kinds of gigs. And the noise from the bars was the first thing that got to me. It might be at least in part  because I spent the better part of 22 years working in a big noisy room full of people. But noise wears me out, pure and simple. 
       This aversion to noise and crowds has left me with a great ambivalence toward playing gigs. So I had to separate the wheat from the chaff. Keep the joy of playing but eliminate the more troublesome elements. 
       So I'm cherry-picking these days, choosing quieter venues, and usually functions like private parties and fund-raisers where you set up in a corner. We have a ball playing while they do their thing. And at the end, they pay us and tell us how wonderful we sounded(even though they probably didn't hear a single note we played!).
       As for the social benefits in playing gigs, maybe those are gone forever. I have had a few of those close encounters in my years of doing this stuff. Not nearly as often as I might've liked, but it dd happen. Been a good while since it has happened.  I don't have an answer for this one yet. Working on it. 
      I still love to play- and I figure as long as you like the job itself, you can work out the details. One thing I wanted to do was have sessions right here at the house. The original bass player I wanted is severely allergic to cats(I have two), so if I can find a couple people who have no feline allergies, we might have us a deal. 
      As ever, thanks for reading, whoever-reads-this. Time for that second cup of Morning Joe. I'm outa here. More later.
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