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    Sunday, August 20th, 2017 10:59 AM

    Sunday news

    CoolAnd it's another good night's sleep. That's pretty much the rule anymore, de rigeur- but I still slip off the track for a day or so every month or two.
      Okay, enough with my sleep news. (When Insomnia was more of a problem, this news page became a Sleep Journal for awhile- hopefully still entertaining to read though.,)
      Yesterday was a day of sterling virtue. Exercised for an hour and change, and also practiced. I recorded a number of things, but only liked two of them, so there are two newbies up on my YouTube page.
      Today should be another practice day. I should have more energy for it since this isn't(necessarily)another exercise day. Always working on my picking technique, as well as time, and am starting to devise some new exercises. For the most part, as far as the exercises I run, I make my own fun , but I have borrowed from a few sources.
      I try to make exercises out of the things I find awkward to play, And I play them s-l-o-w-l-y, picking up speed as I get more familiar. It's hard for me to do this, to slow down, which is all the more reason to make myself do it!
      Anyway, I plan on sharing more technical exercises on my YouTube page(there's one up already).
      Still swilling that first cup o' Joe, and just about ready for that second helping. It takes awhile for me to get up to speed in the morning, even with adequate sleep. So nice in my retirement to not have to be around morning people first thing in the morning, when they're jabbering away and you're trying to kickstart your own system..
      Okay, this is probably enough jabbering from me. Thanks for reading, whoever-reads-this. Happy Sunday to you! More later.
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