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    Sunday, June 17th, 2018 11:11 AM


    Cool Good morning, whoever-reads-this. Put the repeat marks on this one- it's another beautiful sunny day, and another hot one. 87 degrees already..
          In bed at 1:01(always makes me think of  the room Winston Smith is sent to for "rehabilitation" in 1984), up at 10:20(!). Most of the time I get around 7 hours of sleep, sometimes a bit more, and sometimes less. So 9 hours is something of a record for me. 
         It was a busy week, at least to my indolent retired ass. Two rehearsals, two gigs, and some Dental stuff. Except for the Dental stuff, it was all enjoyable. Friday with the Samba Llamas, Saturday with Ocean State. Our bandleader in Ocean State is also an excellent cook, so we enjoyed a nice repast after our job. A great way to cap off the week. 
       The Brazilian stuff, which was Friday's fare, is some challenging stuff. It's energetic music, so my strumming hand got quite a workout in places. I play from the wrist, and keep my forearm as loose as possible, which minimizes the wear and tear- but still, they put me to work. So, a learning experience. 
       In that way, it's somewhat akin to my working in a blues band for the past couple years. Sporadic gigs, every year or so, and then full-time from 2011 to 2017. Over the course of my tenure with them, I got better at the style. R & B was/is good for me as a player, as is the Brazilian stuff. Nutritious, as it were. 
      More Dental stuff awaits. A cleaning on Monday, and then a long session on Wednesday where they put a couple new teeth in there. I figure eventually I'll have all implants in there. Mr Titanium Mouth. 
      And then I'm back to a schedule I can shoot a cannon through. A slow period always feels great after a busy one. More gigs in July and August. Just enough to keep me out of trouble. 
      And that's my news for today. Thanks for reading, whoever-reads-this. Happy Sunday to you. I'm outa here. More later. 
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