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    Wednesday, November 15th, 2017 9:53 AM

    Wednesday Whitewash

    CoolA better start to this day. Got my 7 hours in, and had an errand to run, but not before a couple gulps of Morning Joe. That seems to make a difference. As long as some coffee hits my system, I'm okay.
       I like this part of the day, swilling coffee and letting myself come to life. I've never been one of those folks who is wide awake the minute their eyes open in the morning. Better to ease into the day.
      Working on a new blog for Roger U Roundly. It's kinda personal, so it's a little bit tough finding the words. But I think it will have a point someplace when I'm finished.
       One of my Uncles enjoyed writing as an avocation, and even issued a Weekly Trivia Report to various relatives.( I miss those!) He told me I divulged a lot of personal stuff in my blogs, more than he might be comfortable sharing. Point taken. Writing is something he and I both enjoy, even though our approaches are different.
      Viva le difference! Or is it la difference?
       And then I've read blogs by other folks who in my mind bared their souls. I felt like they had divulged too much- or at least more than  I'd be inclined to do.
      So like so many aspects of life, there's a spectrum..
      No new YouTube posts for awhile, but there's a ton of stuff for your listening pleasure. I've been practicing, but without taping anything. Just running scales and patterns, and occasionally getting a chordal idea and running with that.
      Except for the African drum things, I'm kinda bored with playalongs. I've tried just turning on the camera and pointing it and then just playing, with mixed results. If I get the results I want, I'll share a couple of those. Seems more natural than 'hiding' behind a virtual rhythm section. So we'll see.
     Okay, I guess this is enough jabbering from me. Like I said, I enjoy waking up this way. Hope it makes for semi-entertaining reading. Speaking of reading, thanks for doing it, whoever-reads-this. Happy Wednesday(or, if you will, Hump Day)! More later.
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