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    Friday, October 12th, 2018 10:51 AM


    CoolA cold, overcast, shitty kinda day out there. Well they can't all be winners. Then again, there are folks who dig overcast rainy days- and would describe them as anything but shitty. They're in pluviophile Heaven today..Well, to each his own. 
          Recommended listening: The Bob Brookmeyer Small Band. I think there are two volumes. Jack Wilkins is the guitarist on the CD I have. and he is all around phenomenal. Great, crazy soloist and wonderful accompanist. And Brookmeyer, on valve trombone, is the swinginest. The bass player is no slouch himself and has some wonderful solo moments of his own in here. He sings the lines he plays, which adds another dimension to the bass solos. 
        That was on the playlist for the end of my day yesterday. Listening is something I do in the hours before I go to sleep. Plus working a Sodoku puzzle. 
        A new one up on YouTube. Moose und Squirrel. What inspired this was listening to Kenny Drew Jr playing Rhythm-a-ning, and a brief reference to the Bullwinkle theme. Moose und Squirrel vacillates between being a 12-bar-blues and the relatively amorphous Bullwinkle theme. Inside and outside the form. 
      You gotta try new things, even if they don't work as well as you thought they would. Most important, getting out of one's box. 
      So, most likely some more guitar work from me . Except for one five-minute errand, nothing on the books for today. Fingers are somewhat warmed up from yesterday. I was able to get in a couple sessions, which is my favorite way to practice.
       Only kids starting out and old retirees like me have the luxury of enough time to pursue multiple practice sessions. During my working years, I hardly got any practice in at all during the week, but would try to cram it in on the weekends. Better than nothing, but hardly conducive to improvement. But that's the trade-off in being a musician-with-a-dayjob. 
      Trying to get more consistent with it in these geezer years. Every day, whether I feel like it or not(and this is where the discipline comes in)I pick up the instrument and do my 'calisthenics'. So at least the muscles get exercised..
      I've got my morning rituals to tend to: more coffee, Lumosity- but after that I should be good for some more guitar playing. And hopefully will have some good stuff to share with you guys. Thanks for reading, happy Friday(tgif if it applies). I'm outa here. More later. 
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