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    Saturday, June 23rd, 2018 10:02 AM


    Cool This used to be my favorite day of the week, back in my working days. Saturday was the one open-ended day, the day you could sleep in and stay up as late as you liked because you could sleep in tomorrow as well. I was fiercely protective of my Saturdays.
        I tried to avoid Saturday gigs, particularly in the evening, because that bisected the weekend. Friday happy hour or Sunday afternoons were best. Some folks I knew used to bitch about Sunday gigs because it ate into their football watching. Not being a football person, I did not experience the sensation of loss, but rather enjoyed with unfettered pleasure. Just gimme my Saturday..
       Okay then! In bed at 12:42, up around 8:30. A great night's sleep. 'Nuff said there.  
      Music news. I've been stepping up my practicing these days. In order to play the stuff I want to play, I need facility on the instrument. Lots of chops. I don't believe in chops for their own sake(even though I can be a hot dog at times), but rather as a means to greater freedom of expression. Lessening, narrowing the gap between my brain and fingers. 
       I just heard from a bass player who had called me maybe 10 years ago, probably more like 15. They wanted me to play a session with them, and I begged off, being too tired and frazzled from my day at work. Always regretted that decision, but you do what you've gotta do. My body and psyche were saying no. 
      So hearing from him just the other day(on FB)I decided to take him up this time. When somebody "recycles" in your life, there may or may not be a Reason for it, but in this instance it's another chance to do something I should've done the first time around. And this bass player isn't allergic to cats(unlike another bassist I know, who lasts about half an hour in my feline-infested home), so we could even  play here. 
      There are gigs on the calendar for July and August and probably September(this one with an old buddy who plays the hell out of the vibraphone). So I'm doing a little bit of playing out, one or two times in a month. I still want to cultivate some home sessions, or somebody's-home sessions. Some playing out, but more playing in. 
      Okay. I think I covered all the bases here. Nothing on the books for today. I exercised yesterday so this one should be free for more guitar shedding or whatever. That's the beauty of retirement to me, that you design your own day pretty much every day. I've always found schedules to be oppressive, but not when you're the one doing the scheduling. 
      Anyway, thanks for reading, whoever-reads-this. More on YouTube lately, including at least one new one ready to upload. And I got a new subscriber! Woo hoo! Happy Saturday to you. I'm outa here. More later. 
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