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    Monday, April 2nd, 2018 10:37 AM

    Another Peaceful Monday(if I can help it)

    Cool  Well, the sun's out. That's a plus. In bed at 12:14, up at 7, dozed until 9. No sweat.
       April 2nd and there's fucking snow on the ground! It won't last past today, but just the idea of Winter when it's supposed to be Spring...
            What's nice about retirement are days like today. I'd have already been at work for two hours, and whatever good mood I brought in with me  long since shot to hell. Along with the usual bunch who either got fired or quit their jobs, there are people who would have work to do except for the snow and freezing temps. At this point in the day, I'd be starting to think about that first Corona I'm gonna enjoy that night. 
          How did I ever get through all that? Looking back, I'm amazed that I endured what I did- but you do what you gotta do..
           No music news at the moment. Still trying to keep up some sort of daily practice though. It's just not a particularly inspired period. Like all periods, inspired or not, it will pass. 
          Debating at the moment whether to make today a day of hibernation. There's nothing that has to get done today, even though there are a few things that I could be doing.
          One thing that gives me pause, however, is that before I can do anything,  I have to clean the snow off the vehicle and get it out of the driveway- and into more snow. A minor detail, but one you can use to great advantage as far as talking yourself out of something..
      Anyway. It's Monday. I'm going to do something today, even if it's nothing. Thanks for reading, whoever-reads-this. More later. 

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