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    Monday, July 2nd, 2018 10:59 AM

    Another Peaceful Monday

    Cool And it's Monday once again. This is when you most appreciate being retired. It's when I most appreciate being retired, at any rate. In bed at 1:20, up at 7 and then 9:30. Some tossing and turning, but eventually a good night's sleep. Feeling refreshed.
         A tentative gig this Friday. I'm supposed to hear today either way. It's at Robbie's, which will make two jobs there in the month. I've never had a whole month there, but I have had months when I was there three Fridays out of 4, subbing with three different bands. Yes, house guitarist. Guitarist-in-residence.
        For a long time, that's been my modus operandi. Sub with a couple different groups. You get plenty of work, but aren't tied down to anyone else's schedule. And you don't have to get everything perfect, since you're just a sub. 
       And it's still my m.o. I sub with a Brazillian group as needed, and play once a month or so with Ocean State. Plus whoever else calls. Trying to keep things down to a show or two in a month. 
      One newbie on YouTube. It's getting down to time to finally download(or buy)Band-in-a-Box. Bored and tired of the current playalongs. Need something new! And also , I could do my own tunes on here! Wow, what a concept...
      Last night's listening was 2nd Avenue by the Joshua Breakstone Quartet. Or they may call it the "Cello Quartet". Some fine playing of course. I really dig the cellist's pizzicato solos. Breakstone defintely has a characteristic sound: very cool and reserved(at least to these ears)and still plays wonderfully lyrical stuff that's a lot harder to play than it sounds. Another great guitarist who makes it all look easy!
      Nothing on the books for today. At least it's cooler. Probably more shedding. In the immediate future, another cup of coffee awaits. As ever, thanks for reading, whoever-reads-this. Ich bin outa here. Happy Monday(if that's not pushing it too much). More later. 
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