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    Monday, June 25th, 2018 10:01 AM

    Another Peaceful Monday

    Cool And it's Monday morning once again!  This used to be my least favorite day of the week. A Monday at the unemployment office was like a Minnesota Winter. 99.9 percent of the time, you'd hit the ground running. Jarred into awareness. And 99.9 percent of the time, Monday would require beer upon returning home from my workday. Maybe not mass quantities, but often the better part of a six-pack. 
        As far as I'm concerned, Monday had only two redeeming qualities. First, the rest of the week was usually a downhill slope. Second, a Corona has never been so soul-satisfying as it was after serving a grueling day at the unemployment office. 
       Monday is now a quiet, peaceful day. I try not to do any business on this day-treating it almost like the Sabbath(and I'm not even religious!). Wednesday is my Monday now, but only if it needs to be. It makes a much better Monday, partly because you have two days to 'warm up' to it. 
       Music news. Still shedding. Sometimes I use the digital camera to record my playing, sometimes not. It is fun to post stuff on YouTube, and I try to have something every week to post. But I'm still practicing, trying to make it daily practice, whether I feel like it or not. That's where self-discipline comes in. I'm not a terribly disciplined person, but I can be a hardass if I need to be. 
       Last night's listening was Soultrane. Coltrane on tenor; Red Garland on piano; Paul Chambers, bass; and Art Taylor, drums. Red Garland was quite a player(I think he was much more well-known in his time), and made a great contribution to this recording. Trane is wonderful here too, of course. It sounds like he had so much stuff to get out in those solos. Complete fluency, but you still feel him struggling. 
       This is probably enough stuff to read for now. Thanks for reading, whoever-reads-this. And happy Monday to you, if that's not too much of a contradiction in terms. Ich bin outa here. More later. 
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