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    Friday, September 1st, 2017 10:47 AM


    CoolAnd here we are again, first thing in the morning. First thing in my morning at any rate. Got my first cup o' Joe and am working on waking up. Got plenty of sleep, with a couple of weird dreams I actually remember- sort of. Usually they fade quickly, like so much Astral dust.
       I actually have my hands free this time. Cat on lap, which usually means she drapes herself over my left arm. Getting pretty good at one-handed typing, but it's a pain- like texting. Kids are fluent at it, but texting for me is slow as molasses. I like being the hare better than being the tortoise, so I tend more toward typing, which I can do quickly.
       Okay, music news. A rehearsal tomorrow for a show on Sunday. We had one pretty good rehearsal a couple weeks ago.Like most gigs, it'll be fun when we're there and doing it.
      In other music news, yesterday was one of sterling virtue, in that I worked out(Cardio)and got some good guitar practice in there. Several new things up on my YouTube page, which is now up to a whopping 31 subscribers.
      Two other gigs in September and one in October.I'm liking this moderate gig calendar, and hope to keep it this way.
    Most folks who play gigs like to pack 'em in there, but it works better for me to do them more sparingly. I did a ton of gigs when I first left my dayjob and soon started to burn out on it: the noise and crowds, mainly. So I try and keep things to a couple in a month.
      Otherwise, I've been reading about the Pelopponesian war(s). I knew about the Greco-Persian wars, and the great Battle of Thermopylae in 480 BC, and had thought that the Pelopponesian Wars happened further back in history. But they actually happened after the Greco-Persian conflict.
    From 460BC to 404 BC. Two wars, separated by a thirty year truce. The first was between Athens and Corinth; the second between Athens and Sparta. They were the most powerful city-states in Greece, and it was almost inevitable that they would clash. Athens had a better navy and Sparta had a better army.
    Sparta ended up winning the conflict, but it was a Pyrric victory with extensive damage to both parties. The Pelopponesian Wars marked the end of Greece as a great empire.
      Athens was supposedly a democratic form of government, while Sparta was more of an oligarchy. Spartan society was very stratified, with those at the top(native Spartans)receiving the most benefits.
      This is all I know so far. Writing it out seems to help preserve it in memory. Hope I didn't bore anyone too badly.
      Okay, that's all I've got for this Friday morning. Thanks for reading, whoever-you-are. Happy Friday to you. More later.

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